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Google Analytics Tutorial Redux: Installation (with commentary)

by Ian Lurie 26 Feb, 2010

This video is now out of date. See the latest GA install tutorial here. Soooooo, I started this tutorial with every intention of being serious. But it’s been a long week, I was up at 4:30 AM and I had Evan in the tutorial. Things went downhill fast. Regardless, it still shows you how to… Read More

google-analytics-cheatsheet Analytics

The Google Analytics Cheatsheet

by Ian Lurie 17 Jan, 2010

I’m an idiot. Last week, someone commented on a post I wrote for SEOMOZ’s YouMOZ service that they’d like a Google Analytics Cheatsheet. I wrote back “OK, I’ll do it.” Guess what? Google Analytics has a ton of features. And even more tricks and hacks that folks have developed over the years. So this 2-page… Read More

mozblog invisible pages Analytics

Find the pages search engines can’t with Google Analytics

by Ian Lurie 13 Jan, 2010

I just published a new post up on SEOMOZ’s YouMOZ. It’s worth a read if you’re looking for a way to find pages on your site that have not received any clicks from organic search. Find Invisible Pages Using Google Analytics


This is not a porn site: My review of referring keywords

by Ian Lurie 11 Jan, 2010

Seriously, this is not, and never has been, an ‘adult’ site. K? You’re wondering why I even have to say that? Well, today I innocently took a glance at my Google Analytics referring keyword report, and look at my #1 keyword for the last 30 days: I thought maybe that was some kind of organization… Read More


Analytics: Why you still need those log files

by Ian Lurie 31 Dec, 2009

You may think that, with Google Analytics, you don’t need your server log files any more. Or, as someone who runs a web site for your business, you may not even know what log files are. They’re redundant, right? Wrong. You still need those log files! What’s a log file? Whoa there, you say. Ian,… Read More

google-analytics-entrance-keywords Analytics

Analytics-Driven SEO: A lesson in 4 steps

by Ian Lurie 11 Nov, 2009

I’m speaking at Pubcon tomorrow in the Real-World Content Creation Tactics session. I’m going to focus on how you avoid destroying copy with SEO, and how to do great analytics-centric SEO. If you know me, you know I rehearse, in part, by writing. So here you go – a preview of tomorrow’s talk. “Write good… Read More

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3 Feedburner Engagement Stats You Must Follow

by Ian Lurie 12 Oct, 2009

This post assumes you’re a Feedburner user. If you’re not, here’s the short version: Feedburner gives you a bunch of free tools to enhance your site’s RSS feed. You can read more and get set up (for free) here. Everyone brags about their Feedburner subscriber numbers. Too bad those don’t really tell you squat. The… Read More


27 Steps to Successful Analytics

by Ian Lurie 12 May, 2009

It’s not that bad, I swear! 27 easy little steps that will take you from the day the boss pokes her head into your office and says “Hey, I think we need analytics” to the night you get Employee of the Year for leading a company-wide turnaround. Establish from the start that analytics is not… Read More

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Rolling Averages, by a Math Moron

by Ian Lurie 4 May, 2009

My mom’s a PHD physicist. My dad, a PHD engineer. By the time I was 13 they’d both given up on any dreams of me being a math genius and instead hoped I’d finally count to 20 without removing my shoes. So, when I click ‘publish’ for this post, I’m going to flinch a little,… Read More


Web Analytics: 10 Ways to Poison the Well

by Ian Lurie 31 Mar, 2009

Web analytics are hard. They make internet marketing complicated, introducing annoying stuff like facts and feedback. Why waste your time? While you may understand this, it’s possible there are clear thinkers in your organization who insist on collecting all this needless data. Here’s how you drive them utterly batty: Change everything. All the time. Rename… Read More

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