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benchmarking Analytics

24 Mar, 2008

Google Analytics Benchmarking: Tutorial, and Things that Make You Go Hmmmmm…

By Ian Lurie

Google Analytics now has their nifty benchmarking feature all set up. If you’re running Google Analytics you can see how your site traffic compares to others. First, here’s how you set it up, and why you should: Open Your Kimono, Just a Little First, you have to give Google access to your analytics data. “OH… Read More

multivariate Analytics

16 Mar, 2008

Multivariate Testing: What it Is, Why You Need It

By Ian Lurie

Friday, someone told me it’s hard to convince folks they need to use multivariate testing in their internet marketing campaigns. Once my mouth closed, I decided to write this post. What Multivariate Testing Is If you already know, you can skip down to why you need it, below. I can’t define it without twisting my… Read More


12 Mar, 2008

Web Analytics: The Myth of Inaccuracy

By Ian Lurie

I am so, so, so tired of ‘experts’ telling me that things like podcasts, social media or other, harder-to-quantify online media are “hard to measure”. Bull. The most difficult-to-measure online asset is far, far easier to measure than the best offline one. More Measurable Than Any Traditional Media Corporations have blown ridiculous amounts of cash… Read More

ddwyec Analytics

11 Mar, 2008

Search Analytics: My SEMPDX Presentation

By Ian Lurie

Here’s the slides from my SEMPDX Presentation, ‘Search Marketing Analytics’, for those who needed them: | View | Upload your own What I Talked About It was a 10-minute presentation, with a few very basic points: Reports do not equal analytics. Analytics mean you did the work of analysis. At a minimum, you want to… Read More

tagmatrix Analytics

22 Feb, 2008

Google Analytics Tagging Demystified

By Ian Lurie

Google Analytics, Omniture, WebSideStory and other major analytics packages use tagging. They’re all worth spit if you don’t take advantage of it. This week I’ve had three clients nearly pop blood vessels over improper tagging by their teams. I thought a practical tutorial might be in order. Why? Without tagging, the software can’t accurately track… Read More


29 Jan, 2008

Bounce Rate: The Stat You Need To Know

By Ian Lurie

There’s an internet marketing metric you’re not watching, but you should be. You’re tracking visitors. You’re tracking pageviews. Hopefully, you’re even tracking keywords and conversions. But are you tracking bounce rate? Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors leaving your site after viewing only the page on which they landed. If I visit your site,… Read More


16 Jan, 2008

Google Analytics Is Having Problems: Auto-Tagging Issues

By Ian Lurie

If you’re using Google Analytics, Google Adwords and ‘auto-tagging’, you may have noticed that your numbers suddenly dropped: It’s not you. We’ve researched this and contacted Google. Here’s what we found out: Apparently, this is only occurring for folks using auto-tagging. If you’re using UTM codes, you’re fine. Google is aware of the problem and… Read More

ga_beta Analytics

12 Dec, 2007

New Google Analytics Features Rolling Out

By Ian Lurie

Google Analytics is getting ready to roll out some cool new stuff. Looks like they’ve started. I went in to check the stats for my blog, and can now compare two metrics: This kind of comparison is very valuable. With it, you can check to see if, say, pageviews/visit remain stable with visits increase. If… Read More

Incoming links spike by 250% Analytics

9 Dec, 2007

The Relationship Between Social Media and SEO

By Ian Lurie

SEO and Social Media support each other: Higher rankings mean more visitors and more bloggers writing about you. More bloggers writing about you translates to more links, which in turn improve your rankings. It's easy to say, but hard to prove. The next time your boss/client is asking you why they should spend any time on social media (or SEO), show them this:

Incoming links spike by 250%


8 Nov, 2007

Analytics Without a CPA Goal: Stump Ian, Question 5 (or 6?)

By Ian Lurie

Zain asks:

“How do you know your Internet Marketing is working, if there is no CPA?”

I use several different metrics:

  1. Pageviews / Visit
  2. Time on site
  3. Non-CPA conversions, like e-mail newsletter signups
  4. Segments defined by complete reads of specific site sections, etc.


5 Nov, 2007

Google Analytics Site Search: Working with the Data

By Ian Lurie

Yesterday I explained how to set up Google Analytics new site search feature in five steps. For that little bit of work, the site search reports provide lots of great data. Here are some of highlights. After you’ve set up site search, you’ll find a new item under ‘Content’ – ‘Site Search': That displays the… Read More


4 Nov, 2007

Install Google Analytics Site Search In 5 Steps

By Ian Lurie

Google Analytics now includes onsite search tracking. You can install it in just five steps.

This tutorial will show you how.


30 Oct, 2007

PPC Waste Management Without Conversions: Smart Keyword Analytics

By Ian Lurie

Note: I’m doing some final prep work for my SMX presentation tomorrow. Well, actually I’m sitting here in a daze after a good Swedish beer, trying to stay awake until 9 PM local time. But I’m rehearsing, too, and I often get my thoughts straight by writing about it, first. If you have a moment,… Read More


24 Oct, 2007

Guest Post: Online Democracy Must Die

By Portent Staff

Darwin, Cyberspace, and Oprah’s Book Club Note from Ian: Jade is senior copywriter and creative lead at my company. Like me, she often wonders if we should take people’s internet connections away… If author Francis Bellamy* lived today, the Pledge of Allegiance would probably be changed to read “and flickr and facebook for all.” Indeed,… Read More


19 Oct, 2007

Google Analytics Certified!!!!

By Ian Lurie

A nice way to end the week. My company is officially a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant. Pretty prestigious company, and there are only 14 of us in North America. Hopefully this will mean more cool tutorials on new features right when they come out.