Ian Lurie 16 Feb, 2007

Pageviews are dead? 4 Other Must-Have Attention Metrics

I’m not 100% sure I agree that pageviews are dead, but folks sure are talking about it a lot. Pageviews have long been seen as the best measure of audience attention and loyalty. But the advent of AJAX and other technologies let visitors browse content without loading a new page. That, in turn, means that… Read More

gavideo Analytics

Ian Lurie 15 Feb, 2007

Google Analytics Video Tutorial 2: Essential Stats

Last time, I went over how to set up your Google Analytics account. This time, I’ll discuss the four essential statistics that, no matter what, you must keep an eye on in Google Analytics:


Ian Lurie 12 Feb, 2007

Google Analytics Tutorial 1: Setup

My very first video post reviews how to set up Google Analytics on your site.


Ian Lurie 6 Jan, 2007

Reports Aren’t Analytics

A pretty graph isn’t analytics. It’s a report. What you do with that report is ‘analytics’. It’s an important distinction. Look at this graph: It’s a Google Analytics report showing me which pages get more or less traffic on the Portent Interactive web site. The subtler and most important point, though, is how important our… Read More


Ian Lurie 12 Jul, 2006

ClickTale: Film user interaction with your site

ClickTale is an about-to-be-released tool that will let you basically create movies of visitors’ use of your site. I don’t know much about it (just applied for the beta program) but have a look. It’s definitely got huge potential. What’s better than knowing exactly how, and when, people clicked?


Ian Lurie 15 Jan, 2006

Math Rocks

Business Week has a new article about the growing power of mathematics in our lives. In Internet Marketing math has been essential for some time. As more and more consumers move online, we can construct increasingly accurate models of behavior, and mathematics play a bigger and bigger role in our lives. The real story, though,… Read More


Ian Lurie 30 Dec, 2005

Even More Cookie Hysteria

ABC news has a story up about the White House web site. Apparently, they use WebTrends to measure site traffic, and were horrified to find out that WebTrends uses cookies: OK, people, let’s set some priorities, shall we? We face terrorism, domestic spying by the NSA, natural disasters and the like, and we’re writing… Read More


Ian Lurie 15 Dec, 2005

Watch AskJeeves

A couple months ago I started telling folks to watch AskJeeves, now that Barry Diller is at the helm. A quick update: Nielsen is reporting that AskJeeves has seen a 77% increase in search queries. They still only hold under 3% of the market, but at this rate they could theoretically surpass AOL in the… Read More


Ian Lurie 7 Jun, 2005

Internet Marketing ROI

Do you know what your Internet advertising campaigns are earning for your business? Really know? The Internet’s the only place where you can precisely measure advertising and marketing performance. But most folks I talk do have very little idea whether their search engine optimization, pay-per-click, banner or e-mail campaigns are actually earning more than they… Read More


Ian Lurie 29 Mar, 2005

Prognostication: Google buys Urchin

Google bought Urchin today. Here’s the link. Yes, I’m patting myself on the back – I’ve always loved Urchin’s product. But what does this mean for Google, and for my favorite web analytics program? My guess is that this is the end for Urchin’s server-side software. I’d be surprised if Google continues to support it.… Read More


Ian Lurie 27 Sep, 2004

Analyzing SEO Results

At first glance, measuring the results of a search engine optimization campaign seems easy: If you get a high rank for the keywords and phrases you’re targeting, then it’s working. If you don’t, then it’s not. But good, organic search engine optimization often brings unexpected results, by getting you high rank for terms you didn’t… Read More


Ian Lurie 20 Mar, 2004

Hits, Sessions and Visits: Reading A Traffic Report Accurately

Standard web analytics packages, such as WebTrends, Urchin and Webalizer, provide a wealth of information about your site’s performance. But which information matters? Hits? Visits? Pageviews? Sessions? Maybe all of the above, but you need to understand what each statistic means if you’re going to make sense of it all.

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