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Ian Lurie Jun 30 2010

I’m scrambling to complete the SEO training portion of the Fat Free Guide for release tomorrow. In the mean time, here’s a video that’s going to be attached to the ‘Analytics 101′ lesson:

An overview of four basic SEO metrics, what they mean, and how to track them in Google Analytics.

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  1. Sally

    Hey Ian,
    OMG look at your traffic, wish I had that much!
    I seem to be stuck at the same number, so I think I need to try new methods of generating traffic rather than getting it from my own hard work.
    Any top traffic tips would be more than welcome ;)
    The video was cool never knew about the pipe symbol so thanks for sharing that.
    Sally :)

  2. Julia

    Thanks, Ian! As someone learning SEO in bits and pieces where I can catch it, this was very helpful. I wouldn’t have thought to exclude branded phrases from the keywords list. Great point also about keyword diversity.

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