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Content Actually is All Around (Not Just on Your Blog)

by Isla McKetta 12 Sep, 2013

Yes, blogging is fun. Anyone who enjoys long-form writing can have a field day extolling the virtues of a product or (even better) building authority with significant posts that address the needs of your audience. But if you think your content only lives on your blog, you’re missing something. I can think of seven other… Read More

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Portent’s Kitten Moodinator: When Content Isn’t Words

by Katie L Fetting 8 Aug, 2013

For a highly visual medium, the Internet has been slow to attract marketers with a graphic bent.  Perhaps due to proliferation of search engine optimization, or web browsers originating as text-based applications, many of us have focused on the word, not the image, video, or application. But words aren’t attracting the attention they used to. … Read More

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7.5 Tips for Becoming a Brainstorming Genius

by Katie L Fetting 22 Jul, 2013

The World Wide Web has robbed the world of mystery.  Its epic reach into the far corners of the collective conscious has placed long odds against unleashing amazing new information – and with every blog post and product description, these odds get longer.  As a result, it is imperative to creatively impart information to differentiate… Read More

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Why You Should Add “Building a Lexicon” to Your Copywriting Toolkit

by Isla McKetta 24 Jun, 2013

A couple of months ago, Kane Jamison asked me to present at Content Harmony’s first ever content meet up. I was excited, but wondered what I had to say that would actually help other copywriters. And then I realized that my MFA in creative writing means I bring a different set of tools to the… Read More

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3 Ways to Keep Content Zombies from Eating Your Brains

by Sandra LeDuc 11 Jun, 2013

The undead are white hot these days. From the “Walking Dead” to “World War Z,” zombies have hit the mainstream—they’re everywhere. Some talk about a Zombie Apocalypse as if it’s a forgone conclusion. A friend recently told me he’s shopping for a new vehicle, and it needs to be a four-wheel drive SUV so he… Read More

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How to Blog: Humanizing Your Brand

by Isla McKetta 24 Apr, 2013

So you’ve realized the benefits of having a kick-ass blog. Now what are you going to say on that blog? You could go the route of taking all that carefully-prepared corporate branding, and using your blog to put out press releases about things that you want your customers to care about (but really only matter… Read More

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The Inbound Marketing Manifesto

by Rebecca Bridge 19 Mar, 2013

Content strategists of the world unite! Have you heard? Content marketing is the future. I hear you saying to yourself, “But you’re an inbound marketer, Rebecca, isn’t that statement just a tad self-serving?” It’s not just me. Look at the spike in interest over the past two years: This is a conversation that’s being had… Read More

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The Secret Backstory of Portent’s Content Idea Generator

by Isla McKetta 26 Feb, 2013

”There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt.” – Audre Lorde At SearchFest on Friday, Ian Lurie debuted a fantastic new tool, the Content Idea Generator. I could tell you about how amazing the tool is and how influencers like Jonathon Colman shared it all over social media: How… Read More

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Why Tom Cruise Should Be Your Content Strategist [Infographic]

by Katie L Fetting 14 Feb, 2013

When he’s not streaking through the Danger Zone on an Impossible Mission, the world’s biggest movie star (yes, still arguably) veers Far and Away from his core competency, occasionally taking a mega-risk with his Eyes Wide Shut. Corniness of that opening sentence aside, Tom Cruise makes for a compelling model of how to run a… Read More


Be a Freaking Video Hero, Sans Camera

by Jaelithe Guillette 7 Jan, 2013

Marketing departments are endlessly busy. Each one has different internal and external expectations about what they can (and should) accomplish. I mean, everybody’s a marketing whiz who watches the Super Bowl, right? If only it were that easy. Marketing departments are regularly expected to accomplish a wide range of goals. Ingeniously. Inexpensively. Instantaneously. Consequently, when… Read More

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