Portent Staff 25 Mar, 2010

11 Copywriting Catastrophes You Have to See to Believe

Enter my copy house of horrors and see how one copywriting blunder could destroy your brand. Don’t let these copy fails happen to you!

hub-no-links Copywriting

Ian Lurie 4 Dec, 2009

SEO copywriting’s secret weapon: Hub pages

Link related content together and it’s 10x more powerful as an SEO tool. So why doesn’t anyone ever do it? It’s easy. Here’s how you create a ‘hub’ page and use it to boost your rankings, improve your site for readers and get that warm tingly feeling inside: You’ve got nuthin’ Say you run a… Read More

momagenda-directory-search Copywriting

Ian Lurie 8 Sep, 2009

5 sources of content you didn’t know you had

Content. I’m always harassing my clients to produce more content. It’s essential to good SEO and delivers value for visitors. It’s a pain in the neck to create new content. But chances are, you’ve got lots of great stuff already. 1. Your local stores If you have local stores or independent retailers who sell your… Read More


Tom Schmitz 1 Sep, 2009

Write Short Simple Obvious Story Titles

Keep your titles short, simple and obvious. Look at the image below. It’s a partial screenshot of my RSS reader. This is your space to hook me. If you don’t, I’m not opening your story. I have 241 unread items. I don’t have time to read them all so I’ll pick and choose based on… Read More


Portent Staff 4 Aug, 2009

Write Compelling Messages – Think Greeting Cards

As Mad Men’s Don Draper so eloquently put it, to sell a product you have to first evoke an emotion. Get your audience to feel. Sex doesn’t sell; desire does. But how do you get your customers to feel desire when you can’t even see them?


Portent Staff 28 Apr, 2009

5 Tips To Better Product Descriptions

Any reputable Internet marketing company will tell you that you need product descriptions. That’s the bad news. The good news is, they aren’t difficult to write and they not only help sell the product, they can improve your Search Engine Optimization efforts. Who knew? Trouble is, most copywriters would rather write toilet plunger ads than… Read More

fatfreeseo2 Copywriting

Ian Lurie 19 Apr, 2009

I’m renaming the seo copywriting ebook

Just a forewarning: I’m renaming my SEO Copywriting eBook this week to The Fat Free Guide to SEO Copywriting. As I launch new ebooks, they’ll be called the Fat Free Guide, too. See, I’m branding! Clever, huh? Also, I’m now offering the ebook in cooperation with Mike Corso and Cool Site of the Day. Mike… Read More

knol Copywriting

Ian Lurie 22 Dec, 2008

SEO Copywriting: How Much? And How Often?

“How much do I need to write if I want to be #1?” I hear that question a lot. The short answer is: “As much as gets you there. Not one word more.” But I do have some basic rules of thumb. They’re basic. Very basic. So I decided to write ‘em down, and have… Read More


Ian Lurie 16 Dec, 2008

SEO Copywriting 101: Search Engines Ain’t That Smart

Search engines are cool, but they aren’t that bright. They don’t know that you meant ‘car’ when you typed ‘vehicle’. If you’ve just spent 3 hours digging through a thesaurus, finding every alternative for ‘shoes’, start over. Burn the thesaurus. Think about the words that people use to find you. Then, as a revolutionary new… Read More

seo-copywriting-book Copywriting

Ian Lurie 18 Nov, 2008

SEO Copywriting E-Book: The Unscary, Real-World Guide

SEO still lives and dies based on good copywriting. If you’re going to move up in the rankings and stay there, you have to know how to write customer- and search engine-friendly content. But you’re a writer. You shouldn’t have to learn about SEO, keyword mining, pagerank and the robots meta tag. You just want… Read More


Ian Lurie 28 Oct, 2008

A Copywriter’s Practical Guide To Smart Internal Linking

Yo, copywriters. If you freak out about semantic markup, then you have varying degrees of apoplexy over links. But linking is a critical part of smart online copy. Links are why it’s called the world wide web, and not the world wide collection of random disconnected bits and pieces. So you need to learn. Here’s… Read More


Ian Lurie 24 Oct, 2008

A Copywriter’s Guide to Semantic Markup

Copywriters are a weird, weird bunch. They fearlessly crank out pages of great prose – an activity that terrifies most people – but are horrified when I mention something like ‘semantic markup’. The concept of a heading tag reduces the best writers to a mass of quivering jelly. Well, for all you writers out there,… Read More


Portent Staff 24 Oct, 2008

How to Use Dating Bible’s “The Rules” to Succeed in Internet Marketing

Become an internet marketing creature unlike any other Times are tense, and now more than ever, you feel the burden of needing that ever-elusive advantage over the competition. If you’ve overdosed on tipping points, purple cows, and cheese-moving, it’s time to turn to the true treasure-trove of internet marketing secrets: the dating bible “The Rules”… Read More


Portent Staff 14 Aug, 2008

The Four Qualities You Need to Be A Good Copywriter (hint, good writing isn’t one of them)

One of the most common misconceptions about a copywriting career is that all you need is good writing skills. This is hardly the case. There are many great writers in the world who would either not enjoy copywriting, or who would not excel at it. But there are definitely certain qualities that predispose people to… Read More


Portent Staff 30 Jul, 2008

Copywriting is better than other writing careers

If you were a creative writing or English major, you may think your job prospects include pouring coffee in a cafe while scrawling poems on napkins, burying yourself in manuscripts as an editorial assistant in a publishing house, working as a journalist for a local publication, or of course writing the Great American Novel. But… Read More