Jaelithe Guillette 31 Jan, 2011

4 Sales Tactics That Will Make You a Better Writer

Before I became a writer, I spent eight years in sales. It was a fantastic way to fit work in between classes and afforded me to upgrade my college cuisine to include more than spaghetti noodles. I thought I was just paying for textbooks, but the experience I gathered while selling pianos and cell phones… Read More

copywriting tips Copywriting

Ian Lurie 27 Jan, 2011

6 copywriting tips – Latest Search Engine Land column

My latest Search Engine Land column just went live. I listed out 6 ideas for stuff to write when you’ve got no idea what to write: 6 content tips: How to write when you have nothing to write about


Portent Staff 19 Jan, 2011

Hey Copywriters – Designers Hate You for a Reason

I consider myself a perfectly creative person. I can paint Manet-quality word pictures; every once in a while I will whip up such stunning moments of alliteration that the Cat in the Hat’s whiskers curl with envy. I am a copywriter. Outside of my poetic prowess, my creativity is pretty much useless. And most days… Read More

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Welles Wiley 3 Jan, 2011

What an English Degree Teaches You about Internet Copywriting

If you think an English degree would prepare you for anything in the world of copywriting, think again! There are plenty of things you’ll need to unlearn if you plan to write internet content


Portent Staff 7 Dec, 2010

10 Copywriting Nightmares & How to Deal With Them

Copywriting is a career replete with pitfalls, from editorial visions gone awry to hair-pulling, forehead-pounding hours attempting to come up with synonyms for “elegant” that alliterate with “xylophone.” There are good parts, too. Really good parts. I promise. But that is an entirely different post. This is a post about the depths of despair all… Read More


Ian Lurie 20 Aug, 2010

SEO Copywriting Training Coming to Seattle

Heather Lloyd-Martin knows SEO copywriting like I know sarcasm. She’s coming to Seattle September 15, 2010 to teach her SEO Copywriting Training course – if you’ve already read my SEO copywriting e-book and want a full day of hands-on, in-depth training, you need to go to this seminar. The specifics: When: September 15, 2010, 9-4… Read More


Ian Lurie 30 Jul, 2010

Link bait: Half luck, half skill, half something else

Everyone thinks they have a great recipe for link bait. Make a list. Include pictures. Freak people out. Post it right at this specific time of day (different for every ‘expert’). Spam Digg. No, wait, spam Twitter! Ooops, try Stumbleupon! Or, my favorite, “Write really good stuff”. When you see hordes of experts all recommending… Read More


Portent Staff 25 Mar, 2010

11 Copywriting Catastrophes You Have to See to Believe

Enter my copy house of horrors and see how one copywriting blunder could destroy your brand. Don’t let these copy fails happen to you!

hub-no-links Copywriting

Ian Lurie 4 Dec, 2009

SEO copywriting’s secret weapon: Hub pages

Link related content together and it’s 10x more powerful as an SEO tool. So why doesn’t anyone ever do it? It’s easy. Here’s how you create a ‘hub’ page and use it to boost your rankings, improve your site for readers and get that warm tingly feeling inside: You’ve got nuthin’ Say you run a… Read More

momagenda-directory-search Copywriting

Ian Lurie 8 Sep, 2009

5 sources of content you didn’t know you had

Content. I’m always harassing my clients to produce more content. It’s essential to good SEO and delivers value for visitors. It’s a pain in the neck to create new content. But chances are, you’ve got lots of great stuff already. 1. Your local stores If you have local stores or independent retailers who sell your… Read More