The Four Qualities You Need to Be A Good Copywriter (hint, good writing isn’t one of them)

by Portent Staff 14 Aug, 2008

One of the most common misconceptions about a copywriting career is that all you need is good writing skills. This is hardly the case. There are many great writers in the world who would either not enjoy copywriting, or who would not excel at it. But there are definitely certain qualities that predispose people to… Read More


Copywriting is better than other writing careers

by Portent Staff 30 Jul, 2008

If you were a creative writing or English major, you may think your job prospects include pouring coffee in a cafe while scrawling poems on napkins, burying yourself in manuscripts as an editorial assistant in a publishing house, working as a journalist for a local publication, or of course writing the Great American Novel. But… Read More


Part 1: What is copywriting

by Portent Staff 25 Jul, 2008

It’s the tiredest of icebreakers. And yet, at lease once a month, someone asks me what I do. After I say I’m a copywriter, I am usually treated to one of three sparkling remarks: “So, you just copy what other people write?” “So, you make copies of other people’s writing?” “So, you make copyrights?” Har,… Read More


Why You Need Creative Services

by Portent Staff 18 Jul, 2008

The economy is rocky. Resources are tight. It's the perfect time to run out and hire a creative services firm to do your Internet marketing, right? Right! While resources must be considered carefully in a rocky economy, I am here to explain why investing in professional creative development is one of the soundest business decisions… Read More


Paid Search & Organic Search Require Different Content Strategies

by Tom Schmitz 14 Jul, 2008

When you read that paid search and organic search require separate content strategies you might think, “Duh! That’s obvious.” Except that something happened to me last week, and this was not the first time. A Portent’s client earned a top ten ranking for an important keyword, one right near the top of the keyword chart.… Read More


Loves Poppies, Still Owns Piggy Bank: Write Personas like Ads

by Portent Staff 27 Feb, 2008

  All soccer moms are not created equal. Copyblogger makes this point in a recent post, and I totally agree. Until we go beyond perfunctory profiling and start creating vivid, charismatic, three-dimensional characters, personas will be of no use except to perpetuate stereotypes. Marketers need to go further in their persona development if they are… Read More


Stale Linkbait Works Best: How to Totally Ignore your Blog and Still Increase Traffic

by Portent Staff 22 Feb, 2008

Or maybe I should say, the best linkbait never gets stale. Basically, my goal is to assault your blogging worldview and contradict everything you’ve ever heard on the subject-all for a good cause, of course. In this post, I am going to tell you how to have a decent little blogging career, and even earn… Read More

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