Do You Use Data To Improve Your Website Design? Design & Development

Do You Use Data To Improve Your Website Design?

by Mike Grabham 7 May, 2014

The days of designing websites based merely on visual components are over, unless like being invisible. Don’t get me wrong. I am not against well-designed websites. Visual design of your website plays a key role in shaping your potential customers’ opinions of your brand. The first six seconds after someone lands on your website can… Read More

How to use Intention.js for Responsive Design Design & Development

How to use Intention.js for Responsive Design

by Jarrod Medrano 11 Mar, 2014

When developing responsive websites, you will inevitably encounter designs that require some kind of HTML reordering. Often this arbitrary reordering can be achieved through clever CSS tricks, but if that is not possible or practical, you may end up having to do some kind of javascript to sniff for browser widths. Enter Intention.js. Intention.js is… Read More

The Bay Lights Art Installation by Leo Villareal Design & Development

What Does a Degree in Architecture Have to Do with Web Design & Development?

by Blake Scott 20 Feb, 2014

Information Space has a conceptual mirror… Physical Space Having recently worked my butt off to earn a Master of Architecture, I often come across those who are curious about my decision to channel my design education into the wonderful world of the interwebs. Basically, I’m regularly asked what capital-A Architecture actually is– as in, physical… Read More

front end workflow Design & Development

A Front-End Workflow For The Evolving Web

by Josh Milo 14 Jan, 2014

The Setup Front End Development is a fairly new concept. Back when “Webmaster” was an actual job title there was no real “development” on the front end. Websites were structured using tables, CHSS and SSP were being joined together to make what eventually would be CSS. The web was still primarily a place for documents,… Read More

iStock_000016093336Small Design & Development

Stop Writing Blog Posts: Ideas for Interactive Content

by Nick Bernard 6 Aug, 2013

If you’re like me in the kitchen, sometimes you want to add a little North African flavor to dinner. After some light Googling the other night, I found plenty of couscous recipes, but I also found this culinary gem: “5 Couscous Cooking Mistakes to Avoid.” Wait, what? “Cooking” couscous amounts to no more than adding… Read More

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 5.48.04 PM Design & Development

Parallax Scrolling? HTML5 Animations? Why We’re Falling for New Design Techniques

by Rebecca Bridge 25 Jul, 2013

Change is in the air around Portent. Change that’s directly tied to how we see the future of Internet marketing. And it’s exciting. And it involves cool design innovations like parallax scrolling and HTML5 animations. As we shift our focus more and more towards what we call 10% content—deeper, larger projects that take bigger risks… Read More

plaid Design & Development They’ve gone to plaid

by Andy Schaff 22 Apr, 2013

As you may already know, we’re a little obsessed with page load speed. We wanted our home page to load in under 1 second, and we were close. But close isn’t good enough. So, with some guidance from Ian, I started out on my quest for sub 1 second page load times. The journey took… Read More

Wait Cursor for Macs Design & Development

Make Photoshop Faster with These Simple Settings

by Jarrod Medrano 28 Mar, 2013

***** If you’ve ever used Photoshop on a Mac, you’re probably familiar with this guy. Would you like to send him packing and never see him again? If you answered yes, strap on your Photoshop helmet and get ready for the blog post of your life. For this blog post I am using Adobe Photoshop… Read More

tbod Design & Development

IA, UX and SEO – my presentation

by Ian Lurie 13 Feb, 2013

Last night I gave a presentation at the Seattle IA/UX meetup. Good pizza, plus I got to say ‘toilet bowl of death,’ which is one of my favorite phrases. IA, UX and SEO from Ian Lurie I know IA/UX and SEO are supposed to hate each other. What I don’t know is why. We’re all… Read More

Pick up the Paper graphic Design & Development

Into The Fold: Why Web Design is More than One “Rule”

by R.J. LaCount 24 Jan, 2013

If you want to call yourself a web designer these days, you’d better be ready to keep up. Daily study is required or you’ll be left in the dust. I follow countless blogs, listen to podcasts during my commute, and work on random projects at home just to try out new things. When I start… Read More

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