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Judging, 2: That Cover Thing Again

by Ian Lurie 1 Feb, 2006

Previously, I talked about the moment when a web site visitor decides to stay or leave. Seth Godin has another great post about it: Wait!. Be smart, be focused, and don’t ignore the needs/wants/questions of your audience, or they’ll end up ignoring you.

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An Un-modest Brag

by Ian Lurie 30 Apr, 2005

Last year Portent redesigned It was our second iteration of the site in four years, and we really liked it. Turns out some other folks did, too – won Macromedia Site of the Day yesterday, proving that you can conduct a fundamentally sound Internet marketing campaign and still look cool, too. And proving… Read More

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Google Mixing Photos into Text Search

by Ian Lurie 8 Feb, 2005

Not sure how I feel about this, but Google is starting to mix photos into their text search results. Search for ‘bicycle’ and you’ll see what I mean. Does this really add value? Or does it clutter up a previously clean interface? Personally I’m not that thrilled with the meaningful results being shoved even further… Read More

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Unselfish Design: Building a site for your audience, not yourself

by Ian Lurie 22 Jul, 2004

When you picture your web site, who is it for? You, or your audience/customers/clients? Seems obvious, right? A web site is built to address the needs of someone else. You want visitors to buy your product, get your message, support your cause, etc. and the only way to do that is to build a web… Read More

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Contingency Design: Learning to Say You’re Sorry

by Ian Lurie 19 Jul, 2004

Ever had a miserable customer experience, but walked away smiling? The lousy dinner that was followed up with free dessert? The terrible phone service compensated by two months free? How about a free First Class upgrade after your flight was delayed? Why did you walk away happy? The meal sucked. The phone company drove you… Read More

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Towards a Graphics-Free Web

by Ian Lurie 28 Mar, 2004

Here’s a radical idea: The Internet would be better if designers worked to make it graphics-free. Whoa, you say – I like all the pretty pictures. If there aren’t any graphics, it’ll be boring! True enough. A graphics-free web is a goal, and like a lot of goals, you set it with the idea that… Read More

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Sound Smart: The Value of Good Code

by Ian Lurie 23 Mar, 2004

I just finished reading Designing with Web Standards – re-reading it, actually. It’s a must-read for anyone who builds web sites. I also strongly recommend reading the first one or two chapters if you’re looking to hire a web design firm. Why? Because Zeldman makes a great argument for why HTML code – all that… Read More

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Keep It Simple

by Ian Lurie 24 Aug, 2003

Ian Lurie – 8.24.03

Designing for everyone can be painful – if your monitor can display 1200 pixels across, why not design a site that fills it? Here’s why…  

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