Giraffes talking about Toys R Us Design & Development

Mobile User Experience Hell & Toys”R”Us

by Michael Wiegand 20 Dec, 2012

My daughter just turned 3. And aside from wondering where the devil the last few years of my life went, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make Christmas special for a girl whose birthday is in December.   Charlie loves technology. My iPad 2 was instantly hers the moment I brought it home… Read More

my infographic Design & Development

11 reasons your infographic isn’t an infographic

by Ian Lurie 30 May, 2012

OK everyone. Take a deep, freaking breath. I can’t sneeze right now without spraying germs on someone’s attempt at a data-driven work of art. Here’s why the poster you paid someone $400 to make isn’t an infographic: Lack of clarity. Infographics should ease and speed the consumption of information. If you take something you can… Read More

Cheetah Cub Design & Development

How we made really freaking fast

by Ian Lurie 23 May, 2012

Please note: I am not a server expert. This is stuff I figured out by bumbling around, crashing our server and generally wreaking havoc. Be careful, unless you want to see steam coming out of your IT team’s ears. I don’t want to shock anyone, but I’m a little obsessive. And competitive. No, really, it’s… Read More

foodzy Design & Development

Good Design Roundup

by Jess Walker 24 Apr, 2012

Good Design Roundup Good design doesn’t just mean pretty, it means functional too. Sometimes a website is born that combines those two things seamlessly. It’s like a miracle. Or more likely, people worked hard and communicated with one another, allowing design, functionality, and content to come together and deliver a clear and helpful message. A… Read More

featured-image Design & Development

Introducing the Facebook Custom Tab Generator

by R.J. LaCount 20 Apr, 2012

Custom tabs on Facebook Pages allow us to display our own HTML content inside Facebook Pages by embedding code in iframes. This is done by creating a Facebook app and providing a few parameters (like the URL where our custom HTML page is located). Here’s an example of a custom tab: Add a Custom Tab… Read More

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GIFs, JPGs and PNGs, Oh My!

by R.J. LaCount 11 Apr, 2012

Every time I receive a logo in JPG format, a little part of me dies inside. Actually, it’s a big part of me, because choosing the right file type for images is an essential part of good web design. Did you know that JPG images lose quality every time you re-save them? PNG and GIF… Read More

Design & Development

Facebook’s Timeline “Like Gate” Bug Solution (For Now)

by R.J. LaCount 2 Mar, 2012

UPDATE: Facebook has fixed the bug! Here’s the deal – Facebook released their new Timeline for business pages along with a bug that broke our ability to redirect users to a hidden page after clicking “like.” They’ve fixed the bug now, but in the meantime we put together a template that uses an in-frame like… Read More

email-design Design & Development

Basic Guide to Email Design

by Jarrod Medrano 1 Mar, 2012

Though not as popular as it used to be, email remains a viable component of a good marketing strategy. When designing email templates, it’s important to consider the wide array of devices and email clients available. Follow these simple tips to make sure your message is coming across clearly on every platform and not making… Read More

web-design-basic-design-mistakes Design & Development

Six Basic Web Design Mistakes

by Jarrod Medrano 17 Feb, 2012

Whether you are designing a website, a banner, or a flyer for a magician, you’ve probably thought this to yourself at some point: “Why isn’t this design working? Is it because nobody likes magicians?” The answer to that question is yes, but chances are, you are also making one of these six common design mistakes.… Read More

302-pepper-spray Design & Development

Server response survey results: Now, with more pepper spray!

by Ian Lurie 23 Nov, 2011

Over the last three months, a bunch of folks have used my server response code tester to check whether their web sites correctly respond to broken links, correct links, etc. Per my first post about the tool, I’ve been storing the results—don’t worry, no personal data, just web site, response codes, and a grade—for a… Read More