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Google Plays Nice: XML sitemaps, images, and a mystery

by Ian Lurie 20 Jul, 2010

Last month, Google announced that they’re now accepting mixed-media XML sitemaps: You can put images, video and regular page URLs all into the same map. I saw this and rubbed my hands together while cackling maniacally. I could finally make sure that valuable images that clients paid for, or paid to have taken, would get… Read More

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Super-fast string handling in ColdFusion – Geekery

by Ian Lurie 29 Apr, 2010

OK, getting VERY geeky here. You only want to read this post if: You program in ColdFusion. I’ve been using CF since the late 90s. It’s far and away my favorite programming language. You get happy tingly feelings when you make an application run 60-70% faster. You’re a nerd. If you’re still here, this is… Read More

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24 E-commerce development tips

by Ian Lurie 21 Feb, 2010

This is part of my ever-growing list of tips for developers building e-commerce sites. I cover a lot of territory in one list, so be gentle folks. Use SSL only within your cart. There’s a hell of a lot of debate around this. But one fact is clear: SSL page requests require more server cycles… Read More

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Have You Been A/B Tested Recently?

by Tom Schmitz 28 Jan, 2010

Full disclosure: I am not a designer. I cannot select color palettes. My favorite textures involve brushed steel. Whenever I walk by, our design team seems either out for coffee or in a meeting. That said, even I can recognize colossal web design blunders. It's amazing how the perfectly wrong photo will rip the eyes… Read More

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HTML Basics Lesson 5: Using WordPress

by Ian Lurie 13 Jan, 2010

This one’s an experiment: I’m going to spend this and the next few HTML Basics lessons showing you how to use WordPress to apply the HTML stuff you’ve learned in the last 4 lessons. An introduction to using WordPress to add and edit content on the web. Please let me know what you think –… Read More

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HTML Basics: Working with lists

by Ian Lurie 30 Dec, 2009

Lessee, so far we’ve talked about creating a basic web page, working with headings and paragraphs, and creating links. On to lists: If you can work with lists in HTML you can make your blog look better than 90% of your competition. Here’s how: Learn to create ordered and unordered lists, and why you need… Read More

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HTML Basics: Creating Links

by Ian Lurie 22 Dec, 2009

Now you hopefully know how to do headings and paragraphs. Time to move on to links, which are not nearly as scary as they may seem. If you’re blogging, a well-placed link can draw folks deeper into your site, get you more attention and make a post more ‘sticky’. As with previous topics, I made… Read More

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HTML Basics: Video Tutorials

by Ian Lurie 20 Dec, 2009

I’ve been helping the middle school class at my children’s Montessori learn to write basic HTML. The goal: Get them to the point where they can work comfortably in WordPress. The result is a slowly growing series of videos on the subject. If you’re a wannabe blogger/geek and don’t know the basic HTML tags (headings,… Read More

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10 Words on a Line, Please

by Ian Lurie 27 Sep, 2009

Reading online ,10-15 words on a line is best. Don’t take my word for it anymore. I’m tired of arguing with you. Just go over and subscribe to the Designer Bookshop Newsletter. They’re design geniuses, and they say stuff like this: It is important that the columns are set to a length that is “proportional”… Read More

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4 Truly Awful Banners, And What We Can Learn From Them

by Ian Lurie 21 May, 2009

First, I apologize. If you are the person who designed any of these, I know full well you created something great. Then your client came and said “It needs more text” or “I need to explain the entire history of my company in a 730 x 90 space”. And your dream project was ruined. I… Read More