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For Design, Focus Groups Suck

by Ian Lurie 30 Mar, 2009

Don’t take my word for it. Jakob Nielsen said it best in 2001. Of course you can try a focus group. Do your design. Then put 10 strangers in a small box, give them free candy, point 10 cameras at them and start firing questions. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure there’s a painfully… Read More

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The Golden Rule of Graphic Design

by Jarrod Medrano 26 Feb, 2009

  The Magic Number If you have ever had any interest in the art of graphic design, chances are you have heard of the golden ratio. Throughout history, artists, mathematicians and musicians alike have studied this peculiar number. Some say that it is the most aesthetically pleasing of all proportions, while others contend that this… Read More

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4 Cheats For Faster Web Site Rollouts

by Ian Lurie 4 Feb, 2009

I’m lazy. It’s a good property in a geek. So I try to avoid repetitive work. But in my line of work you end up launching lots of sites, most of which don’t have to win design awards. They just have to be super-easy to use. Here are a few tools that, whether you’re just… Read More

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Quick Photoshop Tip: Make your product images shine.

by Jarrod Medrano 31 Oct, 2008

When designing a website for a business, it’s easy to overlook the little things. A lot of time is spent on design, layout, and development. Other, less glamorous things like image file size and product images are often overlooked. Attention to the little details in a website can make all the difference in the world… Read More

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Create Better Slide Presentations: slide:ology

by Ian Lurie 25 Sep, 2008

At conferences, three things are a constant: Lack of healthy food. Overabundance of alcohol. Really godawful Powerpoint or other slide presentations. I’ve spent a long time huddled alone in the dark, thinking I was the only one who hated seeing 25 bullets on a slide, individual animated letters and various other forms of visual vomit… Read More

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Does Web 2.0 still look good? Did it ever?

by Jarrod Medrano 18 Aug, 2008

Web 2.0 was sighted at a local party last evening. Many who attended expressed that he was ‘Not as cool as we remembered.’   Recently I was poking around a few design blogs and noticed something interesting. It seems like the trends and styles that were so popular only a year ago are starting to… Read More

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A Firefox Quirk You May Not Be Aware Of

by Jarrod Medrano 3 Aug, 2008

When I was making some updates to the Portent Blog, I came across a strange problem. Whenever I highlighted the text with my cursor, I would get no visual feedback showing me what I had highlighted. I’ve actually run across this on a couple of other sites, which is why I thought I should share… Read More

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How to Design Your Site Like It’s 1999

by Jarrod Medrano 18 Jul, 2008

The internet today is filled with tutorials on how to design your web site ‘web 2.0′ style. I thought it would be fun to teach you some of the horrible design trends from the past. So I invite you to return to a simpler time, a time when people still listened to TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’… Read More

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7 Ways to Lower Your Home Page Bounce Rate

by Ian Lurie 16 Jul, 2008

If you take the time to build a web site, you’d like most folks to stay on it for a while. Visitors who show up and leave 3 seconds later aren’t generally helpful. You want to lower your bounce rate. Here are a few tips for doing just that. What’s Bounce Rate, Anyway? Bounce rate… Read More

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Conversation Marketing: Now Standards Compliant

by Ian Lurie 10 Jun, 2008

Finally. With a lot of help from my staff, I’ve got a blog that’s W3C standards compliant: I know you’re saying “So?” right now. But I have to get my little victories where I can. My CSS would be compliant, too, except for the stupid hacks we have to make for Internet Explorer. Bill, Bill… Read More

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