google-buys-microsoft Internet Marketing

Google Buys Microsoft – It’ll Happen by 2015

by Ian Lurie 23 Jun, 2008

Google will buy Microsoft in the next 7 years. Don’t believe me? Read why I think it’ll happen by 2015: Anti-trust Won’t Be An Issue By then, no one will worry about a Googleopoly. Google will face major competition in the growing mobile search space. The Powers That Be will have already forced Google to… Read More

site-scream-seo SEO

An SEO Workflow that Works

by Ian Lurie 18 Jun, 2008

If you’ve ever heard these quotes, you need to read this post: “The designers said we couldn’t use this font and have it be text.” “The designers said they couldn’t format the page without tables.” “It’ll take us hours to change that now.” “No, you can’t edit the title tags on each page.” “This is… Read More

Internet Marketing

How To: Create a Great 404 Page Not Found Error Page

by Ian Lurie 13 Jun, 2008

I hate seeing these: It’s a waste. You put all that work into creating a great site. Someone makes a mistake like mis-typing a page name, or they click a bad link on someone else’s site, and you drive them away with the internet equivalent of a wagging finger. By the way, this is a… Read More

3DIllustration_CM Internet Marketing

How Internet Marketing Keeps the Ball Rolling

by Ian Lurie 11 Jun, 2008

Internet marketing is better at keeping the ball rolling, business-wise, than any other medium. I swear, this diagram will make perfect sense by the time you’re done reading: Step 1: All Marketing Starts With Discovery You start marketing your product or service when someone discovers it and assigns a value to it. I’m not talking… Read More

Internet Marketing

How To: Choose a Hosting Company That Won’t Drive You Insane

by Ian Lurie 10 Jun, 2008

I spent the morning trying not to pop every blood vessel in my head. My blood pressure increased as I had to dump first one, then a second hosting company in a period of 8 hours. I won’ go into the details. It’s still too painful. What little stomach lining is left needs some time… Read More

druh Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Basics: The Players

by Ian Lurie 6 Jun, 2008

It’s Friday. I’m burnt out on Web x.0, Moo! and all the other drama du jour. So I’m heading back to internet marketing basics. If you’re a beginner at all this, or need a refresher, read on. What are the big vehicles in internet marketing these days? Where can you get traffic? What should you… Read More

mousetrapvideo Internet Marketing

How To: Hire and Work With an Internet Marketing Agency

by Ian Lurie 4 Jun, 2008

I’ve never heard anyone say “Gosh, I sure am looking forward to hiring an internet marketing agency!” Mostly they mutter something and shuffle past, sure they’re doomed. It doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve talked a bit about this before, but I just recorded this talk/video/slideshow that goes into it in some depth: You… Read More

alistapart Design & Development

15 Blog Designs That Inspire Me

by Ian Lurie 3 Jun, 2008

In internet marketing, you have to design something, eventually. When I’m stuck I do what any good creative does: Steal. Here are 15 blogs from which I regularly steal get ideas. A List Apart A List Apart is an old favorite of mine. The design is one of the best examples of a 3-column layout… Read More

death-by-internet-marketing Random

How To: Write a Really Crappy Business Blog

by Ian Lurie 30 May, 2008

There are sooo many awful business blogs out there, I figure folks must really want to create them. So, in 13 easy steps, here’s how you write a terrible business blog, torpedo your internet marketing strategy, and gain the scorn of your customer base at the same time: Talk about yourself. Ooooh, this is a… Read More

please-dont Internet Marketing

A Letter to Google: 9 Things I’d Love to Change

by Ian Lurie 27 May, 2008

Dear Google, I ran over a squirrel on the way to work today. I tried to avoid it, but when I swerved it accelerated under my car, tail twitching, mouth agape. It made a little rattling sound as it flattened under my tires. That’s not a squirrel, by the way – it’s a prairie dog.… Read More

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