Ian Lurie 8 May, 2008

SEO Has A Future: Rebutting ShoeMoney and Marketing Pilgrim

Today, ShoeMoney and Marketing Pilgrim provided great insights into why they think search engine optimization has no future. I don’t agree. Times infinity. Nyah nyah phbltbltbltblt. So there. Marketing Pilgrim says: “Take my industry of health supplements. Do you think Google wants to reward the SEO contortions of unknown companies and affiliates with lots of… Read More

guyunderbox Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 7 May, 2008

5 Internet Marketing Advances I Like, and What They Mean To You

Internet Marketing isn’t all misery and torture. So, in honor of National Grump Out Day, I dug deep and celebration-worthy advances in our industry: Analytics: No Longer Death By Details Two years ago, “analytics” meant “hope for the best”. Lousy interfaces, slow reports, moronic support staff and high costs drove us all crazy. There haven’t… Read More

lostdata Analytics

Ian Lurie 2 May, 2008

Google Analytics Is Losing E-commerce Data: Don’t Panic?!!

If you’re using Google Analytics to record sales data, you may have noticed really horrible sales over the last couple days. Don’t panic. I don’t think it’s you. It appears that, starting April 30th, Google Analytics isn’t correctly reporting e-commerce revenue. We figured this out after noticing that, of our 10+ clients using Google e-commerce… Read More


Ian Lurie 1 May, 2008

6 Link Building Practices That Scare The Crap Out of Me

‘Link building’, for those who don’t know, is the practice of gaining links from other sites. Links are important. They deliver authority in the eyes of search engines, traffic if you’re lucky, and a chance that someone else will link to you, too. You can’t live without ‘em. But there are no established best practices… Read More

worldsdone SEO

Ian Lurie 25 Apr, 2008

Keyword Search Is Just Fine, Thank You

Eric Shonfeld at Techcrunch just posted Is Keyword Search About To Hit Its Breaking Point? So, are we headed for a search apocalypse? Better hope not. And I don’t think so. Eric cites Nova Spivack’s presentation. In it, Nova says that if the amount of content keeps growing keyword search will collapse, leaving the internet… Read More


Ian Lurie 24 Apr, 2008

17 Internet Marketing Things I Will Not Write About

Brought to you by the same manic-depressiveness that generated 11 Internet Marketing Trends To Ignore. Here are 17 internet marketing things I will not write about: Twitter. I love Twitter, and spend a fair amount of time on it. But a quick search on Google shows 37,845 blogs posts in the last week. What. The.… Read More

gandalf-begs Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 21 Apr, 2008

Be Careful With ‘Free’: Guinea Pigs Teach Internet Marketing

It’s tempting to offer stuff for free to lure in customers. And it can work (sometimes). Overused, it’ll actually lead to unhappy customers, not happy ones. Here’s how my family’s new pets re-taught me this lesson. The Guinea Pigs Hated Me My kids persuaded me to adopt a pair of guinea pigs: Gandalf (my son’s)… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 17 Apr, 2008

What’s Marketing? Peek Into A Marketer’s Pysche

Marketing is not about lying or cheating, or tricking consumers into wanting what they think you’ve got (even if you don’t). So what is it? I’ve briefly opened my psyche’s closet doors, shoved back the “Haven’t studied for finals” nightmare, knocked out the three-headed monster that keeps yelling “Ian, the clowns are coming” and even… Read More


Ian Lurie 10 Apr, 2008

38 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started In Marketing

Ah, youth. 13 years ago I started my company with a spare room in my house, a credit card (limit: $1500) and a computer (Pentium 75 mhz, Windows 95). I was out of my ##@!)(@#$*!@@ mind. If I’d known then what I know now, would I have gone into this business? I don’t know. But… Read More

lessons Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 7 Apr, 2008

5 Lessons Religion Can Teach Internet Marketers

5 lessons religion can teach internet marketers: Have a tall steeple (or something similar). Make sure folks can find you when they’re ready. Discoverability is the name of the game. Tell a good story. Have a compelling narrative about your brand. That way, when folks arrive they’ll want to stay. Practice what you preach. Cough.… Read More

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