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Be Careful With ‘Free’: Guinea Pigs Teach Internet Marketing

by Ian Lurie 21 Apr, 2008

It’s tempting to offer stuff for free to lure in customers. And it can work (sometimes). Overused, it’ll actually lead to unhappy customers, not happy ones. Here’s how my family’s new pets re-taught me this lesson. The Guinea Pigs Hated Me My kids persuaded me to adopt a pair of guinea pigs: Gandalf (my son’s)… Read More

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What’s Marketing? Peek Into A Marketer’s Pysche

by Ian Lurie 17 Apr, 2008

Marketing is not about lying or cheating, or tricking consumers into wanting what they think you’ve got (even if you don’t). So what is it? I’ve briefly opened my psyche’s closet doors, shoved back the “Haven’t studied for finals” nightmare, knocked out the three-headed monster that keeps yelling “Ian, the clowns are coming” and even… Read More


38 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started In Marketing

by Ian Lurie 10 Apr, 2008

Ah, youth. 13 years ago I started my company with a spare room in my house, a credit card (limit: $1500) and a computer (Pentium 75 mhz, Windows 95). I was out of my ##@!)(@#$*!@@ mind. If I’d known then what I know now, would I have gone into this business? I don’t know. But… Read More

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5 Lessons Religion Can Teach Internet Marketers

by Ian Lurie 7 Apr, 2008

5 lessons religion can teach internet marketers: Have a tall steeple (or something similar). Make sure folks can find you when they’re ready. Discoverability is the name of the game. Tell a good story. Have a compelling narrative about your brand. That way, when folks arrive they’ll want to stay. Practice what you preach. Cough.… Read More


Google’s Dancing: Surviving the Dewey Update

by Ian Lurie 4 Apr, 2008

It’s somewhat official: Google’s making another major algorithm update. You can read the geeky details on Search Engine Land. I have a few tips for surviving the experience: Turn off your computer and walk away for a week. Find those left over percocets and pop a few. Failing that, go to the Google server at… Read More

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Google Analytics Adds Weekly, Monthly Graphing

by Ian Lurie 3 Apr, 2008

Cool new feature I just spotted in Google Analytics. The ability to graph data by week or month: You can even graph revenue by hour: Don’t know about you, but I’ve been wanting something like this for quite a while. No more migraines from grouping data… A Book Worth Reading:

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Internet Marketing Training Course, Lesson 1 – Feedback please

by Ian Lurie 31 Mar, 2008

I’ve just written and recorded lesson 1 of a new internet marketing training course and would greatly appreciate feedback. So, here’s the entire lesson, no registration or payment required: Lesson 1: Internet Marketing Basics & Conversation Marketing [HTML version] Lesson 1: Internet Marketing Basics & Conversation Marketing [Podcast Version] Biggest questions on my mind: Would… Read More

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The Internet Marketing Unlist: 49 Things You Probably Are Doing But Shouldn’t

by Ian Lurie 28 Mar, 2008

My Internet Marketing List of last week got one heck of a response – 22,000 unique visitors in 3 days. Even though most of you losers didn’t subscribe to my RSS feed, it gave my limp, damp ego a nice boost. In the interest of beating a good idea to death, I bring you the… Read More

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CNET Cuts Staff 10%. We’re All DOOOOOOMMMMEED!!!!

by Ian Lurie 26 Mar, 2008

No, we’re not. Yes, CNET just cut 10% of their workforce. And we’re seeing far too much of that lately. But before I go outside and commit hari kari with a USB thumb drive, let’s get a little perspective. CNET’s problems are a valuable lesson in internet marketing, but don’t run for the hills just… Read More

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Google Analytics Benchmarking: Tutorial, and Things that Make You Go Hmmmmm…

by Ian Lurie 24 Mar, 2008

Google Analytics now has their nifty benchmarking feature all set up. If you’re running Google Analytics you can see how your site traffic compares to others. First, here’s how you set it up, and why you should: Open Your Kimono, Just a Little First, you have to give Google access to your analytics data. “OH… Read More

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