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The Internet Marketing List: 59 Things You Should Be Doing But Probably Aren’t

by Ian Lurie 21 Mar, 2008

Internet marketing is about lots of little things, not one big one. This list is half-list, half-procedure. If you go down these items in order it might give you a decent internet marketing plan for the next few months. If you have others, post ’em as comments: If you have a Flash introduction on your… Read More

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Internet Marketing Is About Discoverability (Not Yelling)

by Ian Lurie 17 Mar, 2008

I was listening to Joseph Jaffe’s most recent podcast and one concept blew me away: Old-style marketing was about interruption. No news flash there. But Jaffe’s statement that marketing is now about discoverability really resonates: You must be present at the customers’ convenience and request, not screaming at them 24/7. You must answer their questions… Read More

multivariate Analytics

Multivariate Testing: What it Is, Why You Need It

by Ian Lurie 16 Mar, 2008

Friday, someone told me it’s hard to convince folks they need to use multivariate testing in their internet marketing campaigns. Once my mouth closed, I decided to write this post. What Multivariate Testing Is If you already know, you can skip down to why you need it, below. I can’t define it without twisting my… Read More

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Conversation Marketing: The Book (buy it!)

by Ian Lurie 14 Mar, 2008

Sometimes I forget to remind folks: I wrote an internet marketing book. It only costs $19.95. Yes, you can read it online for free. But for less than $20 you get the feel of crisp, recycled paper and the smell of printer’s ink. And the warm fuzzy feeling that you helped keep Conversation Marketing afloat.… Read More


A ‘Crash Course’ on SEO Ethics and Responsibility

by Ian Lurie 11 Mar, 2008

When you go to a conference and present, you have a responsibility to give accurate advice or admit you can’t. That’s called professional responsibility. Especially in a relatively new field like search engine optimization. I really enjoyed SEMPDX, and recommend it to everyone. All of the presentations were great. With one exception. What Went Wrong… Read More

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Help Rand Fishkin Join the MACerati

by Ian Lurie 7 Mar, 2008

OK Rand, it’s time to join the Mac-erati. Danny Sullivan bought a Mac. Now it’s your turn. Here’s why: The Mac is stylish. It’ll go with your keen fashion sense. It’s a better computer (doh, I wasn’t going to say that). You’ll be able to drive Danny crazy by refusing to put stickers on your… Read More

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Local Search Optimization 101: Get Found

by Ian Lurie 7 Mar, 2008

All 3 major search engines now have local search results, and they mix them right into the normal ranking pages. That’s wreaked havoc with many businesses that previously had the top spot for something like ‘seattle internet marketing’ (ahem) but suddenly found themselves buried underneath a map and a list of local companies: In this… Read More


Defend Yourself: Bid On Your Brand Name in PPC

by Ian Lurie 5 Mar, 2008

If you’re spending money on pay per click marketing, you must buy your brand name! Ignore those who say otherwise. Make damned sure you’re bidding on the name, mispellings, and the like. Even if you rank #1 for your own name. Do it anyway. Here’s why: It’s cheap. PPC engines’ quality scoring algorithms mean you’re… Read More

Internet Marketing

Handier Than Hobbits: Why You Need An Internet Marketing Pro

by Ian Lurie 29 Feb, 2008

I just realized I’m a hobbit by profession. I re-read The Hobbit (for the 6th or 7th time). For those who haven’t read it, the hero is an intrepid hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. He travels with a band of dwarves to slay a dragon named Smaug. Bilbo keeps his compatriots honest. He risks life, limb… Read More

tagmatrix Analytics

Google Analytics Tagging Demystified

by Ian Lurie 22 Feb, 2008

Google Analytics, Omniture, WebSideStory and other major analytics packages use tagging. They’re all worth spit if you don’t take advantage of it. This week I’ve had three clients nearly pop blood vessels over improper tagging by their teams. I thought a practical tutorial might be in order. Why? Without tagging, the software can’t accurately track… Read More

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