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5 Easy Tips for Web Typography

by Ian Lurie 20 Feb, 2008

Web typography is an art that I’ve never totally grasped – I have to be honest. But I have learned some basic rules worth remembering: 1: Line Spacing Always use at least 1 full line between lines of text, like this: On my blog, I use 1.5em. Reading online text is a pain – wider… Read More

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Truthiness and Getting Fired: What’s an Agency’s Role?

by Ian Lurie 15 Feb, 2008

I may be engaging in excessive honesty in this post. If you’re a client, or thinking of becoming one, you’re getting a look at the closest thing to dirty laundry that Portent has. Some folks might tell me this is a bad idea. I disagree – there’s a valuable lesson here. We got fired today.… Read More

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Saying Thanks: Internet Marketing Requires an Audience

by Ian Lurie 13 Feb, 2008

I wanted to say thanks. One year ago, Conversation Marketing received 3100 unique visits in February. This year, I’ve already got 8,200, and am on track to have 18,000 unique visits in February. Last year, I had 20 RSS subscribers (not tracked in Feedburner, so the graph below doesn’t include it). This year, I have… Read More

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Internet Marketing Strategy: A Step-by-Step Diagram

by Ian Lurie 11 Feb, 2008

Internet marketing is not SEO. It’s not PPC. It’s not e-mail or web design, or social media. It’s the sum of many parts. Here’s how I see it all fitting together: You can also download a PDF version here. Some Explanation If this is gibberish, you may want to skim through my book, which you… Read More

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Ham for Chanukah: Why You’re Wasting Money on that Rented E-mail List

by Ian Lurie 8 Feb, 2008

Rented and purchased e-mail lists seem like a great idea. Lots of addresses, targeted to you, dirt-cheap. But they rarely work. Why? Their lists are messy. Chances are they got a lot of the names on their list through something called ‘e-mail append’, where they take existing direct mail lists and scour the web for… Read More

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Internet Marketing Strategy Weekend: April 5, Seattle

by Ian Lurie 4 Feb, 2008

April 5th-6th, I’ll be offering a 2-day internet marketing weekend. Here are the details: Everyone leaves with an internet marketing plan for their site, reviewed by peers. It’ll be informal. It’ll be in Seattle. I promise to be as sarcastic in person as I am online. I will prepare a worksheet for each site before… Read More

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15 Principles of Internet Marketing

by Ian Lurie 1 Feb, 2008

In no particular order: No one’s lives depend on what we do. But people’s livelihoods do. So take your work seriously, and take pride in it. 75% of your audience uses a search engine to find you. Get used to it. All the banners and ‘viral’ marketing on earth won’t come close to results produced… Read More

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Support Conversation Marketing: Donate

by Ian Lurie 30 Jan, 2008

Do you find this blog useful? Like what I write? I’ve got a business proposal for you: Donate $3 to my blog, once. I’ll keep writing the same stuff I always do. Tips about internet marketing, strategic advice, site reviews and of course, the occasional rant. I’ll do it whether you donate or not. But,… Read More


Bounce Rate: The Stat You Need To Know

by Ian Lurie 29 Jan, 2008

There’s an internet marketing metric you’re not watching, but you should be. You’re tracking visitors. You’re tracking pageviews. Hopefully, you’re even tracking keywords and conversions. But are you tracking bounce rate? Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors leaving your site after viewing only the page on which they landed. If I visit your site,… Read More


SEO Confessions: I’m a Fraud

by Ian Lurie 17 Jan, 2008

K, I had a great day today, so I’m cheery. That means it’s time to tear an internet marketing scam into a pile of tiny bits and pieces. Today’s victim is SEO Confessions, a site that guarantees everything except the apparent author’s hairstyle: I have no problem with the format. It’s a landing page and… Read More