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11 Recession-Proof Internet Marketing Methods

by Ian Lurie 11 Jan, 2008

The R word is in the American air again: Recession. Hard to believe it hasn’t already hit, given the money pouring out of the USA, the lack of money coming in, and our, cough, leadership. OK, I just got political for a second. I’m sorry. Note that I’m not specifying any particular leaders, though. Republicans… Read More

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3 Signs The Pitch is Slimey

by Ian Lurie 9 Jan, 2008

I spent the day today looking at pitch pieces by a few internet marketing ‘experts’. Now I feel dirty. But, in the interest of promoting knowledge, here I am, passing along knowledge gained at the expense of my appetite. There were a few selling strategies that all of the pitches had in common. So, here… Read More

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11 Internet Marketing Trends to Ignore for 2008

by Ian Lurie 8 Jan, 2008

Sure, I could try to predict what’ll work in 2008. But I’ll point to things like great marketing copy, audience measurement and analytics, your eyes will roll back in your head and my subscriber count will fall even further. It’s much more fun to point out what’ll flop in 2008. Here are the Internet Marketing… Read More

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10 Steps to a Sound Internet Marketing Strategy

by Ian Lurie 7 Jan, 2008

You need an internet marketing strategy, even if it’s just “sell lots of stuff”. Here’s how you do it: Tear up the old marketing plan. Chances are, if your company’s been around for a few years, someone wrote you a marketing plan. It probably has an executive summary, spans 3 years, and cost a lot… Read More

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Video: Google Webmaster Tools (Reality TV Version)

by Ian Lurie 2 Jan, 2008

Google’s webmaster tools are a great search marketing tool. But they’re also a fantastic internet marketing tool, because they let you peek into the heads of your audience, and see how search engines (and probably your customers) are classifying you. I recorded a brief video about it, and provided some quick guidance on getting set… Read More

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17 Conversation Marketing Articles You May Have Missed

by Ian Lurie 30 Dec, 2007

If you’re new to Conversation Marketing, here are a few articles and other writings you might want to review: 5 Must-read Books for Internet Marketers I have a copy of each, dog-eared and sticky-noted. 65 Ways to Improve Online Sales I couldn’t come up with 99. Conversation Marketing, the Book I published my entire book… Read More

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6 Ways to Keep My Daughter From Crying: A lesson in internet marketing

by Ian Lurie 28 Dec, 2007

When I take my child to use your web site, it had damned well better work. My daughter just got a Rescue Pet. They’re adorable little stuffed puppies. They come with a code you can use at to log in, groom your pet, furnish a little house for it, etc.. The fun stopped there.… Read More

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PPC Villain: PPC Worst Practices Blog

by Ian Lurie 20 Dec, 2007

My staff are a bit of a sick bunch. That’s why I like them. The PPC team has put together a PPC worst practices site: There are plenty of best practices sites, after all. Here’s the first of what we hope will be many instructional videos:

Internet Marketing

Social Media Press Release: The Next Step (an HTML template)

by Ian Lurie 17 Dec, 2007

If you’ve been following the PR world of late, you know that the social media press release (SMPR) has gotten a lot of attention. This update of the stodgy old press release tries to blend social networking, rich media and text into a single, self-updating landing page for the media. It’s a compelling idea. One… Read More


Test Your Web Team: The SEO Quiz

by Ian Lurie 13 Dec, 2007

Update: The quiz tool I was using didn’t work quite as advertised, so I’ve just put the quiz right on the page. Correct answers are bracketed. Too often, web developers and designers say they’re SEO experts, when they’re not. As a client, you have to believe them – they’re the experts. So it can be… Read More