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New Google Analytics Features Rolling Out

by Ian Lurie 12 Dec, 2007

Google Analytics is getting ready to roll out some cool new stuff. Looks like they’ve started. I went in to check the stats for my blog, and can now compare two metrics: This kind of comparison is very valuable. With it, you can check to see if, say, pageviews/visit remain stable with visits increase. If… Read More

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31 Ways To Speed Up Your Site

by Ian Lurie 5 Dec, 2007

A slow site sucks, no matter how pretty it is. It sheds visitors and customers like a raincoat sheds water. It can even hurt your search engine rankings.
Fortunately, there are lots of easy ways to accelerate your sluggish site. Here they are, from easiest and least geeky to most complex and/or most geeky:

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Account Management is Dead

by Ian Lurie 3 Dec, 2007

He's dead, Jim

Account management, long the bastion of 3-martini lunches and oh-so-happy clients, is dead, and internet marketing killed it.

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Integrated Marketing To Clever Monkeys (the more things change…)

by Ian Lurie 28 Nov, 2007

I am sitting in an coliform-ridden Best Western in Peru, Indiana right now (I’m not kidding about the e coli part), drinking bottled water and pondering the meaning of a marketer’s life. The answer, I think, is ‘Integrated Marketing’.
Here’s a conversation I had today with a client who I respect, and like, and enjoy working with:
Me Smiling victoriously: …and internet sales are up over 25% since 2005-2006.
Client Frowning unhappily: Sure, but what if our catalogs did that?
Me Nodding intelligently: Catalogs and other offline stuff definitely drive customers. Our online marketing insures that you’re visible when they look for you.
Client Parrying vigorously: Yes, but chances are they would’ve found us anyway.
Me Gurgling internally: Well, we know that 60% of your search sales were new. But we can never attribute any one sale to any one source. So you may be right – our work may not matter.

This does have a happy ending. Keep reading…

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8 Ways To Get Ready for Cyber Monday

by Ian Lurie 18 Nov, 2007

Cyber Monday, if you didn’t know, is the Monday following Thanksgiving. It’s becoming a huge online shopping day. Think of it as Black Friday, only online, and on Monday. If you have an online store, and you haven’t done anything yet, don’t despair. There are still some things you can do: Look at last year’s… Read More


30 SEO Tips for Newspaper and Magazine Publishers

by Ian Lurie 14 Nov, 2007

Funny, isn't he?

Online publishers – newspapers, for example – depend on visits and pageviews for their livelihood. The biggest source of visits is still unpaid, ‘organic’ search results. So, why do so many publishers do such a poor job of optimizing their sites? I don’t know, either, but I’ve pulled together a list of easy tweaks and changes that can help make any publication improve its rankings, fast…

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65 Easy Ways To Improve Online Sales

by Ian Lurie 10 Nov, 2007

Improving online sales isn’t usually a start-over-from-scratch proposition. Here are 65 little tweaks that can make a big difference.


Install Google Analytics Site Search In 5 Steps

by Ian Lurie 4 Nov, 2007

Google Analytics now includes onsite search tracking. You can install it in just five steps.

This tutorial will show you how.


PPC Waste Management Without Conversions: Smart Keyword Analytics

by Ian Lurie 30 Oct, 2007

Note: I’m doing some final prep work for my SMX presentation tomorrow. Well, actually I’m sitting here in a daze after a good Swedish beer, trying to stay awake until 9 PM local time. But I’m rehearsing, too, and I often get my thoughts straight by writing about it, first. If you have a moment,… Read More

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Internet Marketing Priorities: Stump Ian, Question 2

by Ian Lurie 16 Oct, 2007

Rhys, who works at a non-profit, asked a great question: “I’m wondering, if I know I can’t do everything that is important, what marketing options and best practices should I focus on, and which could be skimped?” Online, content still rules. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. If you have a… Read More