president-inbound Internet Marketing

My problem(s) with ‘inbound marketing’

by Ian Lurie 13 Mar, 2012

I want to emphasize that this is a friendly discussion between Rand and I—we’re colleagues and friends, plus our companies are close enough together that he could bring his much more numerous minions to Portent and wipe us out in one afternoon of horrifying nerd slap-fighting. I’ve received a few comments I deleted because they… Read More

internet-marketing-lifecycle Internet Marketing

Internet marketing: The lifecycle

by Ian Lurie 5 Mar, 2012

Once again, I get to subject you all to my utter lack of artistic skills. I’ve been working on a simpler diagram of the internet marketing lifecycle for about six months. It’s finally ready, I think, for a public glance. This one boils it all down to a less-pretty but hopefully more clear concept. BE… Read More

plus-riddler Internet Marketing

Google Plus Box Ranking Factors Report

by Ian Lurie 14 Feb, 2012

Google Search Plus Your World (GSPYW, for short). Social media belly button lint? Or the best damned thing since chocolate? It’s a riddle. But GSPYW builds traffic a bunch of ways. The best (so far) is the ‘Plus Box’: Question is, how does Google decide which pages and profiles get that coveted spot? Also, how… Read More

BP Oil Spil Ads SEO

SEO Exam questions: The answers

by Ian Lurie 8 Feb, 2012

When I wrote these exam questions, I have to admit, I didn’t think about publishing the answers. It seemed kind of… wrong. But then I thought about the havoc wreaked if all kids had the teachers’ answer keys (obscure Simpsons reference there). And I smiled in a way that makes my family nervous. So, the… Read More

googleplusyourworldlisting SEO

Google Plus will build your search traffic

by Ian Lurie 2 Feb, 2012

Google Search Plus Your World builds organic search traffic, big-time. Say what you want about the evil-ness of the whole thing. It’s a huge opportunity, and you need to capitalize on it now. The background I’ve been working for several weeks, researching what seems to get your Plus profile showing up in organic search results—also… Read More

ga-tutorial Analytics

Google Analytics Tutorial: Install (updated)

by Ian Lurie 20 Jan, 2012

I noticed that my original Google Analytics video tutorial is a wee bit out of date. Like, 4 years out of date. So, here’s a new basic install video:

The Internet Marketing Lifecycle Internet Marketing

In internet marketing, be significant, or be roadkill

by Ian Lurie 13 Jan, 2012

You send an e-mail to 40,000 people, and get 1 response. Or, you run a Groupon deal that brings 1,000 new customers, who never buy from you again. Wonder why? You got everyone’s attention. They just don’t care. Now you’ve got a choice: Rend your garments, tear your hair and whine about how stupid the… Read More

gwt-ga-4 Analytics

Making cats into turnips: Using Google Webmaster Tools query data

by Ian Lurie 4 Jan, 2012

A long time ago, alchemists tried to turn lead into gold. They were pikers. Compared to digging keyword data out of the Google’s lovely (not provided) statistic, lead into gold woulda been a cinch. But I’m stubborn. So, I’ve pulled a bunch of keyword analytics data from Google Analytics, and the Search Queries report from… Read More

slowslug Random

SEO, optimize thyself: Get more results for your effort

by Ian Lurie 23 Dec, 2011

Yesterday I wrote about how effort does not equal results. Results are always better. Great results come from testing and tweaking your own routine. You can set up a virtuous cycle: You get more efficient, and have more time to learn more about your job, which helps you be more efficient, and so on. I’ve… Read More

screamingscaredguy Internet Marketing

Problem solving with pants on

by Ian Lurie 14 Dec, 2011

Most people are terrified of problem solving, whether they’re figuring out how to replace a flat tire or diagnose a problem on their blog. They see a problem, and run so fast their pants are literally flayed from their bodies. Why? Because: A failed solution = A mistake Solutions require time, which no one has… Read More

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