Ian Lurie 15 Jul, 2011

Speak carefully

I’ve now written this blog post three times. The first version was 1500 words. The second, 400 words. This version is much shorter, and I think more fair. Yesterday I wrote about the Wall Street Journal, bad SEO advice and subdomains. There’s a deeper lesson, though: When you blog, report or speak, you have an… Read More


Ian Lurie 14 Jul, 2011

WSJ, WTF?! Google Panda & Subdomains

Take a deep breath, everyone. The Wall Street Journal published an article July 13 all about HubPages, and how the site saved itself from Google Panda’s evil clutches by spreading their site across multiple subdomains. In the article Amir Efrati implies in a very-hard-to-pin-down-but-easy-to-assume way that subdomains may be a magical solution if you’ve been… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 13 Jul, 2011

18 random thoughts about internet marketing

Bonus tip: Learning the difference between “Chile” and “Chili” is really helpful. A little semi-random Wednesday thinking: Always ready our analytics reports. Understand them. Demand that someone make you understand them. Making business decisions without that knowledge will probably kill your company. Never buy a product with ‘Crusher’, ‘Disintegrator’ or ‘Miracle’ in the name. Anything… Read More


Ian Lurie 11 Jul, 2011

When everyone works together, SEO just works

SEO works best when everyone works together: Creative, PR, social media, writers and yes, the SEO team. I’ve preached that for years. But it almost never happens. The PR agency ignores us. The dev team smiles like they just smelled sour milk and then leaves. The branding team holds up relevant holy symbols and backs… Read More

Finding what is true Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 8 Jul, 2011

Marketing truths: People buy pleasure, not prevention

People buy pleasure, not prevention. I know, deep for a Friday afternoon. It’s a rule that’s helped me sell for years, though. Try it on for size: Bike helmets and prevention: A marketing failure It’s hard to scare people into buying something. When I was in law school, I worked in a bicycle shop that… Read More

smart small Random

Ian Lurie 7 Jul, 2011

11 reasons smart people start internet marketing agencies

A few people described yesterday’s post as ‘soul killing’, ‘depressing’ and ‘horrifyingly accurate’. Today, I’m taking not-incompatible view that all smart people in the internet marketing biz should start their own agencies. Note that I’m not a “follow your bliss” hand waving business philosopher. I think in terms of building a lasting business that can… Read More


Ian Lurie 6 Jul, 2011

11 reasons no sane person starts an internet marketing agency

This is the first of a 2-part series that documents 2 voices in my head. One voice perpetually says “You are an idiot for running an agency.” The other says “This rocks. It’s the greatest job in the world.” So fear not: I’m not having a mid-life nervous breakdown. Or, if I am, it’s not… Read More


Ian Lurie 5 Jul, 2011

I lose my fracking mind or: A new Python script

Total. Mind. Meltdown. I’d do a brilliant insightful post today, I’m sure, except that today’s events, professional and media-related, combined with my concussing myself with a bicycle rack yesterday, have left me a gibbering idiot. Or brought out the gibbering idiocy that normally lies just beneath the surface. Or something. So instead, here’s a little… Read More


Ian Lurie 4 Jul, 2011

SEO lessons: Google drops Twitter

Google has let their subscription to the Twitter firehose expire. That means Twitter’s gone from real-time search, for certain. Actually, it appears real-time search is just gone. I don’t see ‘latest’ any more: I’ve never been a fan of real-time search: As I said in 2009, a real-time stream of poo is still poo. The… Read More


Ian Lurie 1 Jul, 2011

Google+ thoughts – I eat crow

I must eat crow now. Not tasty, breaded and fried, but vaguely icky, with feathers still stuck to it. I dissed Google+ the moment it came out, in part because it failed—it vomited everywhere when I tried to sign up. But now that I’ve used it for a while, I have to say that it’s… Read More


Ian Lurie 28 Jun, 2011

Google+ outlook, in a nutshell

I just tried to sign up for the Google+ notification list. This is what I got: In case you didn’t know, Google+ is Google’s latest attempt to break into social media. Judging by the result, I think it’ll easily eclipse… Google Buzz.


Ian Lurie 27 Jun, 2011

8 reasons I don’t care about (toolbar) PageRank

Google rolled out their latest Toolbar PageRank update today. Yawn. I said it was stupid last year. I’ll say it again this year. Toolbar PageRank is 50% meaningless, 25% misleading, 20% useless and 5% worth tracking. It has slightly more impact than Google +1. Here’s why I wouldn’t use it to measure page value if… Read More


Ian Lurie 24 Jun, 2011

The path to marketing nirvana: The peeve, and the rush

What makes Steve Jobs so damned compelling? What about Seth Godin? Howard Stern? Richard Feynman? (choke) Rush Limbaugh? They’ve found Marketing Nirvana: The place where their beliefs and their product match up. I’m not saying this as a pile of wishy-washy marketing-psychobabble crap. Marketing nirvana is on your to-do list. It’s on mine too. If… Read More


Ian Lurie 23 Jun, 2011

10 kick-ass features in Google Analytics v5

It’s no secret I’m a Google Analytics fan. But Google Analytics version 5, coming soon to a browser near you, addresses some major shortcomings. Here are ten features you’ll want to check out, the moment they’re available: 1: Multi-touch attribution Important note: This is a separate beta and is rolling out on its own. So… Read More


Ian Lurie 22 Jun, 2011

To all journalists: I am not a cockroach

Tomorrow I’m going to be speaking to the ONA/SPJ meetup about SEO and social media. ONA is The Online News Association). SPJ is the Society for Professional Journalists. My typical relationship with journalists and their editors goes like this: Ian is a cockroach, only less evolved. Ian isn’t a bad guy, but he’s going to… Read More

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