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No Excuses

by Ian Lurie 11 Oct, 2006

Brian writes about the No Excuses Ethos. I’m struck by how well this applies to marketing, too. I screw up all the time. I encourage clients to bet big and lose big. Why? Because you learn either way. If you lose big, you learn big, and your chances of succeeding the next time grow exponentially.… Read More

Internet Marketing

September 28 Seminar Recording Available

by Ian Lurie 9 Oct, 2006

You can now listen to my September 28th seminar at Adhost. It’s in MP3 format, 25 megabytes, 86 minutes, and is available for free. Just click and it’s yours. In it, I cover the entire Conversation Marketing process, from start to finish. I also answer some great questions from the audience. I also, apparently, say… Read More

Internet Marketing

Why Flash Home Pages Are Bad

by Ian Lurie 4 Oct, 2006

I’ve tried for years to explain to clients why a Flash splash page is a bad idea. But SEOMOZ has the best comparison I’ve ever heard: When we have clients who are thinking about Flash splash pages, we tell them to go to their local supermarket and bring a mime with them. Have the mime… Read More

Lecturn and teleprompter Internet Marketing

Speaking today

by Ian Lurie 28 Sep, 2006

I’m speaking to a group today about Internet Marketing, at Adhost Internet Advertising in downtown Seattle. It’s booked solid, but they will be recording it. I’ll post the recording when I get it.

Internet Marketing

I Don’t Speak Chinese

by Ian Lurie 20 Sep, 2006

A colleague of mine told me a great story today: A friend of hers signed her daughter up for Chinese language classes. Her daughter didn’t want to go. When asked why, she said “Because I don’t speak Chinese”. Therein lies one of the great lessons of internet marketing.

Internet Marketing

$20 million to use Google

by Ian Lurie 1 Sep, 2006

The Pentagon is offering $20,000,000 to a firm that can monitor Iraq news stories filed by the media. I have a plan to save them $19.5 million.

Internet Marketing

Book Review: Scientific Advertising

by Ian Lurie 27 Aug, 2006

I just finished reading Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins (1866-1932). It was first published 40-50 years ago, written by a guy who started his adult life as a lay preacher. Doesn’t sound like a great recipe for a guide to advertising in the internet age. But this book is a must if you’re serious… Read More

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing and Quality Assurance

by Ian Lurie 26 Aug, 2006

Effective management of risk is one of the keys to successful internet marketing. But that doesn’t mean eliminating risk. Rather, it means balancing risk and the need for flexibility.

Internet Marketing

Attention Deficit vs. Long Copy

by Ian Lurie 14 Aug, 2006

It’s hard, but not impossible, to reconcile the modern, multi-tasking internet audience with the proven need for detailed ad copy.

Internet Marketing

Books: Ogilvy on Advertising

by Ian Lurie 9 Aug, 2006

Ogilvy on Advertising is an amazing, timeless resource. I’m reading it right now and will be posting the particularly choice quotes as I find them. Read on…

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