Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 26 Aug, 2006

Internet Marketing and Quality Assurance

Effective management of risk is one of the keys to successful internet marketing. But that doesn’t mean eliminating risk. Rather, it means balancing risk and the need for flexibility.

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 14 Aug, 2006

Attention Deficit vs. Long Copy

It’s hard, but not impossible, to reconcile the modern, multi-tasking internet audience with the proven need for detailed ad copy.

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 9 Aug, 2006

Books: Ogilvy on Advertising

Ogilvy on Advertising is an amazing, timeless resource. I’m reading it right now and will be posting the particularly choice quotes as I find them. Read on…

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 8 Aug, 2006

Google Adwords Will Be on MySpace

Google inked a major deal with MySpace: Google pay per click ads run on the Adwords network will show in MySpace search results. The full article is here. Sorry, I’m on vacation. No analysis today :)

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 3 Aug, 2006

Dreamhost: The Right Way to Deal with Web Problems

Dreamhost is a web site hosting provider. We’ve used them, and I like them. They’ve some major, WaMu-type problems lately, partly because they’re trying to secure their power infrastructure, and partly because Los Angeles has been having brown- and blackouts. They show the right way to deal with it: Publicly. On the web. Honestly. And… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 3 Aug, 2006

Washington Mutual: How NOT to Launch a Web Site

Kudos to WaMu for demonstrating, graphically, how not to launch new features on a web site. A story on CNET points out that their online bill payment and banking system has been down since last Saturday. In the mean time, they apparently didn’t really admit to anyone that there was a problem. And Gary Kishner’s… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 1 Aug, 2006

Book Review: Tested Advertising Methods

Book Review: Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples was the first book I ever read about advertising. I re-read it about every six months.

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 31 Jul, 2006

Internet Marketing and GTD: A bit more

A further explanation of my link between Getting Things Done and successful internet marketing.

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 28 Jul, 2006

Guide to Blogging: Coming soon

I’ve been working on a small e-book, The Guide to Blogging, for about 3 weeks now. It should be ready in about 2 more weeks, I hope. I want to provide a brief, step-by-step guide to launching and then promoting a blog. This guide will be for regular folk like you and me, not veteran blogging geeks who actually know what an RSS file looks like (well, OK, I do know what an RSS file looks like, but that’s memory space I’d just as soon get back).
In the mean time, I thought I’d ask: If you have any questions about blogging, getting attention on a blog, or otherwise getting your thoughts on the web, please send them to me, IAN AT
The AT is instead of an @ to stop evil spam bots blah blah blah. Please replace it with a real @ symbol.

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 27 Jul, 2006

Seth Godin on Analysis vs. Intuition

Seth Godin has a great post today about intuition and analysis. Rely on your gut and you’ll go far. Depend too much on analysis, though, and you’ll stagnate.

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