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The Colloquium

by Ian Lurie 10 Sep, 2004

Editor’s Note: Lenora Edwards is helping build the concept of Conversation Marketing – as part of that she’s working with me in organizing and running the upcoming Conversation Marketing Colloquium. Read on to get her thoughts on marketing in general, Conversation Marketing specifically, and why dogs like dog food… I am so excited about our… Read More

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Why did Comdex fail?

by Ian Lurie 28 Jun, 2004

I’d argue Comdex failed because the conference organizers did not have an ongoing conversation with their attendees. In contrast to Comdex, Jupiter Media’s Search engine Strategies conference is successful. Why? Well the Search Engine Strategies conference is linked with one of the leading web sites about search engines:’s has a large subscriber base… Read More

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Keep the Ball Rolling: Ruminations on Conversation Marketing

by Ian Lurie 14 Jun, 2004

Thoughts about Internet marketing versus traditional marketing, and where Conversation Marketing fits in. Warning, this essay is stream-of-consciousness…

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Making Conversations Work

by Ian Lurie 12 Jun, 2004

Hey, if you want to learn Conversation Marketing, start at the root: Learn how to work a room, first. Here’s a piece that provides one of the best play-by-plays I’ve ever seen: How to Work A Room.

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What is conversation marketing?

by Ian Lurie 21 Mar, 2004

A few years ago, John Cass – one of the best Internet and permission marketers I know – and I were sitting around trying to figure out how to describe this business. Internet communications is half PR (as John will tell you), a quarter marketing and a quarter technology. What separates the Internet from other… Read More

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Arnold for Guv: A perfect example of accidental spam

by Ian Lurie 1 Aug, 2003

Ian Lurie – 08.23.03

Spam is hard to define, but it’s easy to create. Even by accident. See how some Arnold Schwarzenegger supporters took an easy e-mail campaign right over the border into spamville.

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