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Webinar Slides: 30 Internet Marketing Tips You Need RIGHT NOW

by Ian Lurie 29 Jun, 2012

From my webinar yesterday. Have a gander. The video’s going live in a few hours: 30 Internet Marketing Tips You Should Do RIGHT NOW View more presentations from Ian Lurie

five seconds Internet Marketing

How to Engage Your Audience in Five Seconds

by Jack Martin 7 Jun, 2012

I like to look at a potential customer the same way I look at a potential mate (Don’t make it weird). And in this mindset, there is one tenet I follow above all else: less is more. The more time I spend trying to convince a girl that she should kiss my face, the more… Read More

Internet Marketing

Seducing the Client: Four Tips for Making a Good First Impression

by Chris Hugo 22 May, 2012

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. It’s true. On dates, with mother-in-laws and in business. Thankfully, I aced my first date with my husband and we currently live happily ever after. With two cats. One Keurig. No picket fence. Meeting a client for the first time is also like… Read More

The Many Hats of an Account Strategist Internet Marketing

Hat Trick: How Account Strategists Do It All

by Ariana Burgess 2 May, 2012

For someone with only one head, I wear a lot of hats.  Most people have jobs they can explain in a sentence (“I’m a doctor / librarian / deep sea diver.”)  But I’m not one of those people: I’m an Account Strategist for Portent. As such, I find myself in all manner of situations, solving… Read More

honey-badger-principles Internet Marketing

Three principles of internet marketing

by Ian Lurie 17 Apr, 2012

I’ve put in some time lately talking about what internet marketing is not. I thought I’d take a crack what internet marketing is, for a change. Internet marketing’s driven by three principles that are often in tension: Note that I didn’t say The three principles of internet marketing. These are principles of internet marketing. But… Read More

president-inbound Internet Marketing

My problem(s) with ‘inbound marketing’

by Ian Lurie 13 Mar, 2012

I want to emphasize that this is a friendly discussion between Rand and I—we’re colleagues and friends, plus our companies are close enough together that he could bring his much more numerous minions to Portent and wipe us out in one afternoon of horrifying nerd slap-fighting. I’ve received a few comments I deleted because they… Read More

Internet Marketing

Humor & Sharing Behavior: How Laughter Rules the Web

by Katie L Fetting 9 Mar, 2012

And you thought it was kittens and porn!  (There’s plenty of that, too…)   Funny people are popular people. How else can we explain an average-looking dude like Jason Sudekis scoring some of the hottest Betties in Hollywood?  But when X = funny, well, that’s another story. And as marketers – hockers of hope, deliverers… Read More

santorum-hurls Internet Marketing

12 questions to ask before you build an app

by Ian Lurie 8 Mar, 2012

Rick Santorum throws up at JFK speeches. I throw up when someone says “We want to build an i[whatever] app!” I have one question. Why? Have you really, really considered why you’re building your app? Here’s 10 questions to help you decide: Can I afford it? I’m sorry, but you can’t build a quality mobile… Read More

deadsquirrel Internet Marketing

Marketing hubris will get you killed

by Ian Lurie 7 Mar, 2012

Marketing hubris will get you killed. Especially in search. I hate it when someone asks me “Have you worked with other companies like ours?” If I have, I consider it a vulnerability, not a strength, because I’ve got the a-word: Assumptions. Anyone starting a marketing campaign with assumptions is one step from failure. Why? Because… Read More

smx-west-2012 Internet Marketing

SMX West 2012 Lessons in Social and Mobile Search

by Mike Fitterer 6 Mar, 2012

The last week of February, search marketers from around the world assembled in sometimes-sunny San Jose, CA to geek out and discuss the latest internet marketing trends. Due to massive generosity from the Portent C-Suite I had the privilege of attending. For those of you who were unable to attend SMX West 2012, this post… Read More

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