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Ian Lurie 23 Jun, 2011

AppSumo deal – all my e-books for $25

AppSumo has taken a real liking to Portent’s e-books. Today, they’re offering all of our e-books: Conversation Marketing The SEO CopyWriting e-book The Fat-Free Guide to Google Analytics PPC for Small Business (a two-book series) For a total of $25. You can get it here: AppSumo Online Marketing eBook Bundle Posting later today: 10 things… Read More

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Ian Lurie 21 Jun, 2011

Internet marketing and sailing have a lot in common

On my vacation last week, I got to go sailing. I’ve sailed since I was 12. In the last 15 years, I’ve only gotten to do it every 2-3 years, at best, but I at least know my port from starboard. I sailed a boat called a Hobie Wave: We nearly ended up having a… Read More

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Elizabeth Marsten 16 Jun, 2011

Ian’s Angriest Posts

Ian’s on vacation this week, to a place with little or no internet and he asked for a volunteer to do a CM post and to have “fun” if so warranted. Well, it’s warranted. And I am leaving the country while he’s gone and not coming back for a couple of weeks after he gets… Read More

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Ian Lurie 27 May, 2011

Get Defensive (Design): First Smashing Magazine Article

Just got my first-ever article published on Smashing Magazine: Getting Started With Defensive Design. Anyone who’s read this blog for a while knows I obsess about good web defensive design. I’m really excited that SmashingMag accepted this article. The folks there put in a ton of time helping me get the article ship-shape, and put… Read More

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Ian Lurie 25 May, 2011

What freakish and frumpy aircraft teach you about internet marketing

This is a rewrite of an old, old bit I wrote on the Portent web site way back when. It’s not the same. Nor are my feelings on the subject. The best internet marketing campaigns are the ones you don’t notice—they just do their job, delivering the stuff you need to your screen, when you… Read More

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Ian Lurie 24 May, 2011

Inconceivable! 4 signs your project’s in big trouble

In every internet marketing project, there comes a time when the team members look at each other and say some version of “We. Are. F—ked.” And the project manager, like our friend Vizzini above, will say some version of “inconceivable!” I’ve been on both sides of that exchange. You probably have, too. Here are a… Read More

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Ian Lurie 16 May, 2011

New infographic: Internet marketing planner

I just finished a new chart. It maps out the typical steps I take when reviewing an internet marketing campaign for the first time. I was inspired by Julian Hansen’s So You Need A Typeface piece. While it doesn’t have every single step/channel/tactic in it, it does give you a high-level view of the various… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 9 May, 2011

What bayonet-wielding professors can teach you about online marketing

You’re a plumber. You want to rank #1 for ‘Seattle plumbing’. That means you have to write interesting content about plumbing, in Seattle, every 2 days, for the next year. All you can think is “Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap.” Well, Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (ex-college professor) laughs at your silliness. You… Read More

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Ian Lurie 6 May, 2011

14 nice things you can do for your customers

I make no promises. But I suspect if you do some of this stuff, your customers will thank you. Or, they won’t notice the stuff that used to make them curse you: Make every page on your site load 1 second faster. Start by taking every image on your site and compressing it. Please. It… Read More

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Ian Lurie 22 Apr, 2011

Dan Cobley: What Physics teaches about marketing

I don’t think I’ve embedded a video by someone else on this blog in 5 years. However, this piece about marketing and physics is beyond brilliant: It defines marketing in a way that totally, completely makes sense. It’s only 7 minutes long. Watch it.

equals content Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 19 Apr, 2011

Analytics plus SEO equals content: My Wappow presentation

Everyone’s bleating about content marketing. Content marketing this. Content marketing that. For some of us, though, content’s been around since we, well, since we learned to read. Here’s the process I’ve put together over the last ten years. I presented this at Wappow Search & Social last week. Shockingly, it involves content. And marketing. With… Read More

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Ian Lurie 12 Apr, 2011

The internet marketer’s guide to the apocalypse

In which I wax philosophical while discussing zombies, specialization and people who reek of cigarettes. This town needs an asteroid. Marketers are specializing our industry to death. Setting the stage: Stinky cigarette guy A few years ago, a guy who reeked of cigarette smoke handed me a smudged business card. He handed it to me… Read More

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Ian Lurie 11 Apr, 2011

20 reasons you shouldn’t listen to a word I say

I feel strongly about full disclosure. So, here it is—20 reasons I’m full of crap: I don’t have a best selling book. Nor, at this rate, will I ever. Major marketing conferences bark with laughter when I submit a speaker’s pitch. I haven’t made $10 million. I haven’t even made $1 million. I’m just a… Read More

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Ian Lurie 5 Apr, 2011

Conversation Marketing: A definition

I’ve written 2,890 posts on Conversation Marketing now. I just crossed 10,000 (non-spam) comments, too. But I’ve never actually provided a definition of Conversation Marketing. Lots of other people have. Some did OK. Some are just ridiculous. So I figured I’d give it a shot. I’m not trying to define it in a “this is… Read More

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Ian Lurie 4 Apr, 2011

Win my e-books free: Take a little survey

If you want a great product, solve a problem. At least that’s what “they” tell me. So, I want to know: What’s the biggest problem you have with internet marketing? Answer this teeny little survey, and you get a chance to win one of two free sets of all of the Conversation Marketing e-books: Conversation… Read More

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