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Ian Lurie 31 Mar, 2011

Fast pages convert 2x better

My latest Search Engine Land column just went live: 29 ways to speed up your web site It’s timely for me, because we just finished a review of page performance versus page speed, and found that everything—conversions, time on page, scroll depth—improves when a page loads faster. That’s obvious. But the difference is amazing: Pages… Read More

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Ian Lurie 30 Mar, 2011

10 tips for writing that sells

No matter why you have it, your web site needs to sell. You need to get visitors to do something, whether that something is ‘sign up’, ‘buy now’ or just ‘keep reading’. Here are 10 quick tips for copy persuades, sells and converts: Start by telling people why they should read. Marketing copywriting 101: You… Read More

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Ian Lurie 24 Mar, 2011

15 Report writing tips

I want to thank all the agencies out there who get Portent new clients. Thank you. When you promise a client you’ll send them ‘monthly reports’, and instead e-mail them something like this: You couldn’t be helping me more. Bless you. You’re totally disappointing your client, because they understand that a report is not the… Read More

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Aviva Jorstad 24 Mar, 2011

Herding Cats and Other Animalian Project Management Analogies

Managing an internet marketing project can often feel like standing in the middle of a zoo when the monkeys finally make a break for it. Overdramatic? Perhaps, but the point remains – it’s hectic. At Portent, we have a team-based approach, which means multiple parties and timelines are in play, simultaneously. If not watched with… Read More

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Ian Lurie 14 Mar, 2011

Fluffy rainbow bunnies devour marketing agencies

OK, I have to admit: This post seemed better when I was slightly drunk and buzzed on sugar. But, I enjoy being mocked, so I’m putting it out there anyway: In a typical marketing agency, the fluffy rainbow bunnies prevail. Every idea has to get a fair shake. Every person has to get their say.… Read More

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Ian Lurie 1 Mar, 2011

Science fiction and your web site revenue plan

Yep, I’m finally getting into the infographics game. Here’s my sketch of where most corporate internet revenue planning seems to end up: Yeah, I’m keeping the day job, don’t worry.

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Ian Lurie 22 Feb, 2011

Book giveaway tomorrow at Searchfest

I’m speaking tomorrow at SEMPDX Searchfest. My topic: Building your search agency. I figure someone should learn from my pain. If you’re going to Searchfest tomorrow (and you should be), come up to me and say ‘hi’. I’ll even bribe you to do it: I’ll be giving out 30 copies of my book, Conversation Marketing,… Read More

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Ian Lurie 15 Feb, 2011

Discounts: The Vicodin of internet marketing

Discounts are the Vicodin of internet marketing I’m not a fan of discounts as a core marketing strategy. Use them once in a while? Sure, that’s fine. Use them too often, though, and they’ll kill your business. See, they’re an addictive substance. An aside: Vicodin, addictive stuff, and why this matters Four years ago I… Read More

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Ian Lurie 14 Feb, 2011

5 instant internet marketing upgrades

I’ve made a bet with myself that, by adding ‘instant’ and the number ’5′, I will get triple the normal traffic to this post. If I win, I have to buy myself a chocolate bar. No fun intro today, so I’ll just get to it—five utterly random but simple little things you can do to… Read More

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Ian Lurie 7 Feb, 2011

10 phrases that mean your blog post is worthless

I’m guilty of these myself. But I’m starting to see them show up more and more, on big sites (you know who you are) that are supposed to know better. Inevitably, these phrases are followed by a stock photo and 250+ words that basically repeat the same phrase, again and again. Then the writer gets… Read More

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Ian Lurie 4 Feb, 2011

Kenneth Cole’s real mistake: Tactics without a strategy

Unless you live under a rock, or have a life outside the internet, you’ve heard about Kenneth Cole’s now-infamous Tweet-fuffle: Tasteless? Yes. And ill-advised. Tactically it looks brilliant: Surf on a trending hashtag (#Cairo). By tweeting and including that hashtag in his post, Kenneth Cole ensured his tweet would be seen by the millions of… Read More

Level 32 Nerd Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie 27 Jan, 2011

Everything I ever learned about marketing I learned from Dungeons and Dragons

I gave a talk today at Emerging Media Conference about marketing and Dungeons & Dragons. I’m hoping to have it as a video pretty soon, but for now, I took a big chunk of it and turned it into a blog post. This is basically a transcript, so it may not make total sense at… Read More

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Ian Lurie 25 Jan, 2011

Marketing principle #1: Everyone needs a Gluten

My wife has me trying to eat gluten-free for a few weeks. That means no bread, cookies, pizza, pasta. It’s like I’ve been told, “Ian, from now on, food will suck”. But I’m doing it. Voluntarily. If Dawn had simply told me, “Eat less starch, eat more veggies, and reduce caloric intake,” I’d totally fail.… Read More

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Ian Lurie 18 Jan, 2011

The best marketing ‘trick’? Cultural memory.

Everyone wants marketing ‘tricks’. The best marketing trick? Write an e-book. Write a title that guarantees cool marketing tricks inside. Sell the e-book for $2000. If you sell 2 copies, you make $4000. That’s a cool trick. OK, seriously now… There are no marketing ‘tricks’. The best marketing, internet or otherwise, springs out of some… Read More

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Ian Lurie 14 Jan, 2011

2010: The year everything died

Man. 2010 turned internet marketing into a charnel house. RSS, SEO, the web were all pronounced dead by one pundit or another. Let’s review: SEO is dead Robert Scoble, Steve Rubel, Jason Calacanis, Jeremy Schoemaker and others all pronounced SEO dead because of Google Instant or blended search or a pressing need for more links… Read More

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