Huzzah! Workshop Series in Seattle

by Elizabeth Marsten 1 Jul, 2010

Wappow Search and Social Workshops are holding great beginner, intermediate and advanced courses this month! I know they’re great because both Ian and myself will be leading sessions! (Hey, you’ve got to brag modestly somewhere, right?) Learn how to build your business and manage your brand online. 1 day of intense learning from search engine… Read More


BP’s Buying the Oil Spill

by Elizabeth Marsten 8 Jun, 2010

ABC News posted a story over the weekend about one of BP’s latest efforts to control the complete and total beating that their reputation has taken and that is: buying PPC ads on keywords like “oil spill” “oil spill clean up” and “oil disaster gulf of mexico” at a rate predicted around $10,000 per day.… Read More


Speaking at SMX Advanced 2010

by Elizabeth Marsten 4 Jun, 2010

If you’re one of the lucky few going to this sold out conference, be sure to come by and check out the paid search track session- Test that Ad! on Tuesday at 3:30pm. I’ll be speaking on some themes to test, tricks to test and things to try! Paid Search Track Test That Ad! –… Read More


Google AdWords Search Partner Network

by Elizabeth Marsten 1 Jun, 2010

Dear Google, It’s time. You’ve given us the ability to segment out search from search partner traffic and yes, we see it now- search partners aren’t so great. We’d like control now so we can make it great. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of the new features- the extensions tab, product extensions,… Read More


22 Free Keyword Tools for PPC and SEO

by Elizabeth Marsten 6 May, 2010

It happens to the best of us, one day you’re plugging along and you realize, you need to expand your keyword list, you need more niches, you need to spend more or you need to make more. So what do you do? Try any one of these free keyword tools or create your own methods… Read More


5 Strategies to Pass the Google Exam

by Josh Patrice 23 Apr, 2010

The Google AdWords Exam is actually kinda tough. A lot of people fail it, and studying for the test takes awhile. Here’s 5 tips to make studying for the Google Exam easier.

adwords remarketing PPC

Google Adwords remarketing: Great tutorial by Elizabeth Marsten

by Ian Lurie 25 Mar, 2010

Google just introduced Adwords Remarketing, which lets you target content network ads based on previous audience behavior. Elizabeth Marsten of Portent (my company) just wrote a comprehensive tutorial on using remarketing. It’s a must-read, and I’m not just saying that because it’s one of my staff. Go check it out! [ Google Adwords Remarketing: Everything… Read More


Google AdWords ReMarketing – Everything You Need to Know

by Elizabeth Marsten 25 Mar, 2010

It’s so new that there was bubble wrap on the account when I unwrapped the new “Audiences” tab. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s the newest toy being made available in AdWords- Remarketing on the Content Network. Remarketing is not a new concept, the idea of basically, trying again with a potential customer… Read More


MSN AdCenter Match Types Can Determine Your Ad Position

by Elizabeth Marsten 24 Mar, 2010

Recently I was able to ask some more specific “PPC nerd” questions of an AdCenter rep and got to really drill down into match types, the way the keywords are “locked” together, ad position and how it’s been changed since Bing came online. For those that don’t know, AdCenter keywords are unique for match types… Read More

marketfish PPC

Why Paid Search Rocks and Email Lists Do Not

by Elizabeth Marsten 19 Mar, 2010

Once in awhile someone throws down the gauntlet and you just have to accept. In this case, a former Portentite went on to MarketFish, an email marketing list company in Seattle, claiming that in comparison, paid search is a lesser beast. While I would never throw away a marketing opportunity (we are a full service… Read More

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