Ian Lurie 13 Feb, 2007

Review of Yahoo’s Panama: The First Week

Has Yahoo Panama really made a difference? Yahoo’s new paid search ranking algorithm ranks ads based on ad quality and click through rate, as well as bid amount. I’ve been tracking 10 different ads for two different clients. Higher Impressions & Clicks All ads in the test are seeing higher impression counts since the 5th… Read More


Ian Lurie 6 Feb, 2007

Yahoo’s Panama, Day 2

I’m tracking statistics for two clients, now, to see how Panama affects them. One client is in a very competitive education market. Since Panama launched, their clickthrough percentage has risen from .5% to 1%. Click rate is up about 30%, too, but so is our cost per click. Which is OK, though, because as of… Read More


Ian Lurie 5 Feb, 2007

Yahoo’s Panama: Day One

Yahoo has released a new paid search ranking algorithm. The new one mimics Google Adwords, by ranking ads, not just according to bid amount, but also by: – Ad quality. – Click through rate. They still aren’t ranking according to landing page quality, but I have high hopes for this new model. It’ll shift the… Read More


Ian Lurie 26 Jan, 2007

Yahoo Search Marketing: The Conversation Widens

Yahoo has announced they’ll be changing the way they rank paid ads: Simply bidding the most won’t get you the top spot for their pay per click ads any more. Google Adwords have been ranked this way for some time. What’s it mean? The quality of your ad, and of your landing page, is now… Read More


Ian Lurie 2 Dec, 2006

Paid and Unpaid Search: Together, Forever

Every few months a client comes to me and says “Now that I’m top 3 for Super Widgets in the unpaid rankings on Google, can we cancel my paid search listings?” Usually, no. Here’s two reasons: If you have a top-3 spot in the paid rankings, your competitors don’t. You’re denying them access to the… Read More


Ian Lurie 30 Oct, 2006

Pay Per Click: Time of Day Matters

Just finished an experiment with a client. First, this was the situation: They wanted the #1 position for their biggest keyphrase. But they couldn’t afford it – they received too many clicks in the course of the day. We reviewed their site and sales statistics, and noticed that most of their customers arrived at lunch… Read More


Ian Lurie 19 Aug, 2006

CM Basics: PPC Marketing Checklist

I just completed a basic pay-per-click marketing checklist. It’s now available as a free download. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


Ian Lurie 26 Jul, 2006

Click Fraud: Enough, Already

Click fraud is real. I am not minimizing it – we watch for it carefully. But it’s a tiny, tiny problem compared to, say, companies who charge you a hefty fee to check for click fraud.


Ian Lurie 30 Aug, 2005

Stupid Google Adwords Tricks

Yup, it’s ranting time. Why are the biggest online players the worst online marketers? I don’t know the ‘why’ but I can sure prove the ‘what’. Here’s a story of Yahoo and GoDaddy wasting pay-per-click dollars like they owned their own mint. It’s also a great story of what not to do. I was searching… Read More


Ian Lurie 26 Aug, 2005

Click Fraud Hysteria

I’m sure you’ve all heard of click fraud by now. In case you haven’t, here’s a quick primer: Click fraud occurs when someone clicks repeatedly on a pay per click advertisement (say, a Google Adwords ad) for the sole purpose of spending the advertiser’s money. Click fraud has become a cottage industry. Folks worldwide get… Read More

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