AdBrite: Trash or Treasure?

by Elizabeth Marsten 29 Dec, 2008

AdBrite has been around awhile, they’ve been conventioning and promoting and press releasing, trying to grow their brand and their business and I have always been a sucker for testing a new platform. You just never know when you’re going to find that 2nd or 3rd tier platform that turns into a gold mine. Previously… Read More


Paying your Yahoo Search Marketing bill with Pay Pal

by Elizabeth Marsten 10 Dec, 2008

Back in September of 2007, Yahoo announced the ability to choose Pay Pal as a payment method for adding funds to your search marketing account. Up until now, I hadn’t had a use for the option and continued doing manual refills, automatic deposits or invoicing for clients. But then a client came along (me) that… Read More


3 New Google Analytics Custom Reports a PPC Marketer Should Be Using

by Michael Wiegand 18 Nov, 2008

If there’s one amazing thing about Google Analytics, it’s that Google’s ability to improve it is never dormant. At their Mountain View compound, they’re always looking for a way to constantly better their products. Here at Portent, we have a similar resolve – except that ours is to exploit Google’s tools to achieve our internet… Read More


Google Outbids Barack Obama for Obama’s Own Name

by Tom Schmitz 31 Oct, 2008

I was about to run this morning’s keyword chart on John McCain when I noticed that Google is outbidding Barack Obama for his own name in AdWords. The advertisement is for Google Maps Election ’08 Map Gallery and goes to a timeline of Barack Obama’s life. BTW, if you are ever in this neighborhood be… Read More


Winning In the Wedding Industry with PPC

by Elizabeth Marsten 27 Oct, 2008

We’re all familiar with the wedding industry’s spending power, no matter what the economic climate, the lavish wedding will always prevail. The industry is highly competitive with high barriers to entry, so how do you generate a positive ROI in a sector that can bleed your budget dry within an hour? Build Up & Be… Read More


The AdWords Quality Score Hammer Has Fallen, Now What?

by Michael Wiegand 16 Oct, 2008

Google AdWords is a mystical beast sometimes, capable of dumbfounding and goring the best of us. My cost-per-click cohort, Elizabeth, kindly tipped us off to Google’s most recent Quality Score update – and it appears the latest changes are starting to affect the paid search landscape in a big way. For some, scores have dropped… Read More


More Revenue for Google with First Page Bids

by Elizabeth Marsten 13 Oct, 2008

Since the latest Quality Score update, one of the new features was doing away with the “inactive” classification for keywords whose maximum cpc was below that of Google’s set minimum bid. Instead we have the “first page bid” qualifier which will label keywords with a maximum cpc too low to appear on the first page… Read More


ABC Search | A Positive ROI

by Elizabeth Marsten 30 Sep, 2008

Continuing our coverage on 2nd and 3rd tier PPC engines, we’ve come to ABC Search. A little platform that could out of Encino, CA. ABC Search is a search engine themselves, but also rather a mediator and distributor of ads to partner sites from advertisers through their “Adentify” content network. They claim 1billion searches a… Read More

obama-keyword-buy-thumb-500x311 PPC

Opportunistic PPC Buying: A Great Example

by Ian Lurie 15 Sep, 2008

Hats off to whoever manages Barack Obama’s pay-per-click advertising buy. On Lehman’s bankruptcy announcement today, they immediately bought a super-relevant ad: Very smart. I’ll bet that key phrase is both cheap and a great traffic generator at the moment. Keep this in mind: Reading the newspaper and watching the news is a great way to… Read More


PPC Hero Guest Post – PPC Quality & Relevancy

by Tom Schmitz 8 Sep, 2008

Editors Note: Today Portent Interactive welcomes guest blogger Joseph Kerschbaum, Senior Search Marketing Consultant with Hanapin Marketing and one of the funtastic writers of the PPC Hero blog. For Portent Interactive, sharing effective methods and best practices is a passion. Joe shares that passion, so we are thrilled to have him share a little of… Read More

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