PPC FAQ – Action Packed PPC Keyword Research

by Elizabeth Marsten 11 Jun, 2008

I answered a bunch of questions about PPC keywords and realized others may find these useful. I’ll post them here, on the Portent Interactive Blog, over the next several days. You can also ask your own question in the comments. Depending on how many questions I receive I’ll answer either all or the best ones… Read More


Create a Microsoft Windows Live Product Feed

by Elizabeth Marsten 29 May, 2008

As I promised last week, here are step by step instructions for creating a free MSN’s Live Product Search feed. In case you are not sure what a Live Search Product Feed is, we will prepare a list of items to include in Microsoft’s product search engine. First you will need an Windows Live account,… Read More


Create a Google Product Search Feed

by Elizabeth Marsten 21 May, 2008

Google Products are listed on the search engine result pages of Google’s Shopping category. Each listing is a product that was submitted by a merchant. Listing your own products is free, so why not try it out? Here’s how to set up your very own Google Product Feed. Go to www.google.com/base, click on "Data Feed"… Read More


Ask PPC Advertising Pushing Me Away

by Elizabeth Marsten 12 May, 2008

These days Ask.com seems to be flailing, desperately trying to control the bleeding of is its’ visitor base and PPC advertisers. In the world of PPC search engine marketing, I have found increasingly less value from Ask’s paid search advertising program and stopped using their service altogether for several clients. If you cannot get a… Read More


Bidding on Trademarked Keywords is Fine: It’s Called Competition

by Ian Lurie 9 May, 2008

The whole fuss around buying competitor’s keywords in pay per click marketing campaigns is stupid. Moronic. Foolish. Wasteful. Did I mention bad? And stupid? There is nothing wrong with bidding on a competitor’s brand name. Let me say it a different way: If you’re Infiniti, it’s perfectly OK to make sure your ad shows up… Read More


Google Leaks AdWords Quality Score

by Elizabeth Marsten 5 May, 2008

Much like the mystery of the Big Mac’s secret sauce and Colonel Sanders 11 herbs and spices, we’ve all speculated what exactly makes up the closely guarded formula that determines Google’s PPC Quality Score. What are all the factors? How much weight does each factors carry? How can I exploit this to my advantage?! Last… Read More


Make the Most of High Traffic Keywords

by Elizabeth Marsten 28 Apr, 2008

Once in awhile you get a client who’s site offers a lot of little specific products that is great for niche keywords but low traffic. Those keywords are great when they convert, but the real traffic is in the high competitive keywords that bring the visitors to the site. These visitors that search by the… Read More


Hedging Your PPC Bets: Geo-Targeting for Revenue

by Michael Wiegand 21 Apr, 2008

PPC, at times, can feel a bit like going to Vegas and pumping nickels into the slot machines. Except imagine the nickels are dollars, or sometimes several dollars. Ouch! Pretty soon you’ve squandered your dinner money, and the forgiving 7-7-7 has eluded your grasp all night. Fortunately, there’s a way to hedge your bets in… Read More


Give MSN adCenter Support Four Stars

by Elizabeth Marsten 21 Apr, 2008

But give the actual interface a star and a half. (On a scale of four stars, Google being four.) Almost every time I call MSN adCenter support for my various issues, be it basic account editing, billing, ad approval, keyword status or a general “what just happened?!”, I get top notch support and “I’m sorries”.… Read More


How to Make MSN AdCenter Work with Google Analytics

by Elizabeth Marsten 11 Apr, 2008

Per my post last week regarding Solving the (not set) in Google Analytics and Yahoo, we’ll continue this week bridging the gap between MSN AdCenter and Google Analytics. I did ask a MSN AdCenter representative once how come my two biggest keywords (in impressions, spend and clicks) didn’t register at all in Google Analytics, but… Read More