Sandwich Your PPC Ads with URLs

by Elizabeth Marsten 24 Mar, 2008

We all know that the biggest part of attracting a potential customer to clicking on your ad is the headline. They see that bold text, what they searched for and are drawn in like a moth to a flame. But in the continual quest that is a PPC Analyst’s career, we have to think of… Read More


The Mysterious Black Holes of the Content Network

by Elizabeth Marsten 17 Mar, 2008

Once upon a time, the Content Network seemed eternally damned to represent hundreds of thousands of impressions, a few too many hundred clicks, no sales or leads and no idea where in the universe your ads were showing up. I used to just opt out the content network every time since it just seemed to… Read More


Defend Yourself: Bid On Your Brand Name in PPC

by Ian Lurie 5 Mar, 2008

If you’re spending money on pay per click marketing, you must buy your brand name! Ignore those who say otherwise. Make damned sure you’re bidding on the name, mispellings, and the like. Even if you rank #1 for your own name. Do it anyway. Here’s why: It’s cheap. PPC engines’ quality scoring algorithms mean you’re… Read More

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PPC Villain: PPC Worst Practices Blog

by Ian Lurie 20 Dec, 2007

My staff are a bit of a sick bunch. That’s why I like them. The PPC team has put together a PPC worst practices site: PPCVillain.com. There are plenty of best practices sites, after all. Here’s the first of what we hope will be many instructional videos:


Get a Great Adwords Ranking: More than CTR x CPC

by Ian Lurie 13 Nov, 2007

Why do some PPC ads rank well, and others fall no matter what you spend? There’s more to your pay per click ad ranking than your bid and your clickthru. Read on to learn what we know matters, and how you can get a better paid search ranking.

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Buy A Wife At Target

by Ian Lurie 5 Oct, 2007

Google Adwords and other major pay-per-click providers have a tool called dynamic keywords. It lets you place a variable in your ad, so that the search phrase entered shows up in the ad. Unfortunately it’s become a tool for lazy PPC marketers, leading to ads like this: And this: Please, if you must use dynamic… Read More


Google Adwords Tutorial: Using Advanced Ad Scheduling

by Ian Lurie 11 Jul, 2007

For all you Adwords users out there: Google’s released a new advanced adwords scheduling tool. It lets you increase or decrease your bids on a given day of the week. In this tutorial I review how to use it, and when to use it: How to Use It Log into your Adwords account. Check the… Read More


Yahoo PPC = Me Go Insane

by Ian Lurie 12 Jun, 2007

I am trying desperately to find a way to e-mail Yahoo PPC reports. Or get access to the API. Yahoo has no apparent way to find any of that information. Here’s their super-helpful reports documentation: Really?! Use the reports page to generate reports?! Wow. I never would have thought of that. Please help. Before I… Read More


3 Lessons in Pay Per Click, From Microsoft

by Ian Lurie 11 Jun, 2007

Sorry, Bill. Just a mild poking of fun here. I did a search for ‘pay per click advertising’ on Google just now, and saw the following: Note that Microsoft is bidding for, and getting, the #1 position in Google’s sponsored ads. That means they’re outbidding everyone else. Including Google. Seems like a good idea, right?… Read More


Improving Pay Per Click ROI in 8 Steps

by Ian Lurie 6 Jun, 2007

The most common pay per click error I see is waste: Spending too much on keywords that don’t perform, and too little on those that do. If you’re a novice, and you have limited time to work on your pay per click campaigns, these 8 steps will help you start improving their efficiency: If you… Read More