Look for Portent’s PPC Essentials for Small Business on New Domain PPC

Look for Portent’s PPC Essentials for Small Business on New Domain

by Chad Kearns 13 Dec, 2013

Portent is proud to announce the rebranding of PPC Essentials through the launch of ppc-essentials.com. Designed specifically with the small business advertiser in mind, PPC Essentials offers expert PPC management for monthly paid search budgets under $3,000 per month. The package offering allows businesses operating with a small budget to have an account setup and/or… Read More

Heads Up, Internet Marketers: How to Use PPC to Bolster Your SEO [Inspired by My Mozinar!] PPC

Heads Up, Internet Marketers: How to Use PPC to Bolster Your SEO [Inspired by My Mozinar!]

by Elizabeth Marsten 4 Dec, 2013

Elizabeth initially presented the information below during her Mozinar on Sept. 10. But for those of you who aren’t interested in an hour-long audio presentation but want more info than a Slideshare, this is the post for you.  Consider this the “Tall,” not Venti version… Give us a break, it’s Seattle. Once upon a time I started… Read More

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10 PPC Musts for Making Your Holiday 2013 Jolly

by Timothy Johnson 25 Oct, 2013

Timothy Johnson and Chad Kearns collaborated on this post. The holidays are coming! Are you prepared? To be sure you are, we’ve put together a list of 10 PPC suggestions you should implement. Don’t get left out in the cold. Now is the time to prepare so that you can make the most of this… Read More

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Proof Even Small Businesses Should Be Utilizing Product Listing Ads

by Chad Kearns 3 Oct, 2013

After switching from free listings to commercial in October 2012, a lot has been made of Google’s transformation around Google Shopping. Almost a year later, while maybe no concrete winners (besides Google’s bottom line) can be drawn in the sand, we have seen significant opportunities for small businesses within Google’s increasing focus in its shopping… Read More

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Tell a Story – Making Reports Worth Everyone’s Time

by Ryan Moothart 29 Jul, 2013

Weekly and monthly reporting is one of the most important things I do as a PPC strategist.  Clients invest a lot of money into paid search and need to be able to keep track of progress.   More importantly though, clients need to understand the strategy and the reasoning behind what’s going on.  That’s where I… Read More

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So You Want to Do PPC When You Grow Up

by Elizabeth Marsten 24 Jul, 2013

When I was 8 years old I wanted to be a paleontologist. So…very…badly. I even had a jean jacket with dinosaurs painted on it with jewels and sequins. (Hey, it was the ’80s.) Then I discovered the amount of biology and sciences (mostly the dissecting and looking at the insides of living animals) that turned… Read More

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Another, Better Way to Tackle (not provided)

by Michael Wiegand 16 Jul, 2013

I know it’s a horribly dead horse-beaten topic now, but (not provided) is a bigger problem than ever for search engine marketers. If we obsess over it, we lose sight of more important parts of a campaign. If we don’t address it, the client thinks organic traffic on their bread and butter keywords is plummeting.… Read More

Flow chart of correlations PPC

Correlate, Damn it!

by Ryan Moothart 19 Jun, 2013

Identifying the Issue with Your PPC Account Have you ever caught yourself staring at data from AdWords, trying to find an explanation to why your conversions dropped x% month over month and y% year over year, and not even knowing where to start searching for an explanation? So many variables come into play on a… Read More

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Building Successful Low Budget PPC: Tracking your Success

by Chad Kearns 14 Jun, 2013

In charge of building your first PPC account? Don’t have a lot of time or money to spend within AdWords? Well you came to the right place. This is the last post of the six-part blog series in which Portent PPC Strategists Chad Kearns and Tim Johnson lay down the knowledge on best practices for achieving PPC success. Follow… Read More

Third party sitelink like on Facebook PPC

Google AdWords – Third Party Sitelinks

by Kiko Correa 12 Jun, 2013

One of the most exciting (and frustrating) parts of PPC marketing is that it’s a constantly changing landscape. A big part of anyone’s job when working in PPC is to keep up on the latest changes to the systems you’re using. The only problem is that Google releases roughly five billion changes to AdWords every… Read More