PPC eBooks for Small Business

by Elizabeth Marsten 28 Mar, 2011

It took me much longer than I anticipated it would, but here they are! PPC eBooks meant for small businesses- small business being defined as a PPC budget of $1,000 or less in a month. That’s not to say a $500,000 per month budget wouldn’t benefit from this information, it’s just as a small business… Read More


Blatant Pluggery: The PPC E-books you gotta buy

by Ian Lurie 25 Mar, 2011

I am biased here. I’m writing a review of a PPC ebook that one of my own staff wrote. You might think that that means I’ll give her a glowing review. Wrong. I’m biased towards ripping teammates’ writing apart. I edit. I niggle. I ask for changes. I rewrite stuff. When the author is within… Read More


Google Product Feed Updates & Rich Snippets

by Elizabeth Marsten 17 Mar, 2011

Technically this information isn’t strictly PPC, but it sure affects you if you are running or using a product feed for things like Product Extension Ads or Product Listing Ads and the feed suddenly disappears, disabling all your precious AdWords attributes and rendering the Auto Targets tab useless. Tragic, right? So here is a breakdown… Read More


Three Keys to PPC Ad Copy You Should Be Aware of

by Ryan Moothart 28 Feb, 2011

Google processes nearly one billion search queries every single day. If you estimate that an average of four ads show per search query, it would mean Google shows around four billion PPC ads in a 24 hour period. Needless to say, that’s an absurd amount of online advertising being broadcast out to the world. With… Read More


Taking the Microsoft AdExcellence Exam Part 5

by Elizabeth Marsten 17 Feb, 2011

Moving on to section #5 of the video series, Optimizing Ad Performance, we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel of this video series! Stay tuned for parts 6 & 7 to close out this marathon of AdExcellence. Campaign Optimization (6:01) The bottom line of this video is really is how… Read More


Google Places: Treat Tags & Boost Like Your PPC

by Elizabeth Marsten 7 Feb, 2011

Are you managing your own or your client's Google Places page promotion? If not, you probably should think about it. It all boils down to PPC type management in the end and if left to their own devices, you know what will happen. One person fills it out to the best of their ability one… Read More


Taking the Microsoft AdExcellence Exam Part 4

by Elizabeth Marsten 24 Jan, 2011

Moving on the part 4 in the Microsoft adExcellence Exam series, we explore the Tracking Ad Performance section. After this, you’re more than half way there! Microsoft Adcenter Reports (3:22) This section just explains where to find the reporting features and what kinds of reports where are. There are 3 types of reports: Delivery, Budget… Read More


Taking the Microsoft AdExcellence Exam Part 3

by Elizabeth Marsten 21 Dec, 2010

Ready to move on to Targeting? This one is a short one, but it’s an important one, so here we go, one step closer to taking the adExcellence exam! Targeting (3:24) Targeting has several optional features that will make your campaigns more effective like geo-targeting, day of the week, hours of the day, gender and… Read More


Taking the Microsoft AdExcellence Exam Part 2

by Elizabeth Marsten 8 Dec, 2010

Continuing on with Part 2 of our 7 part series, I won’t dilly dally with details and like Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, we’re just going to jump right into our guide on taking the adExcellence exam, Getting Started. Creating an Account (3:58) This section is a quick overview on how to set… Read More


AdCenter Syndicated Search Partners

by Elizabeth Marsten 2 Dec, 2010

How do you know when you’ve hit a nerve? When MSN adCenter writes an entire post meant to deconstruct your post about adCenter Syndicated Search Partners. That was…surprising. But- it did finally crack a discussion about syndicated search partners wide open. First off – I don’t think Microsoft adCenter liked my writing style. I’m snarky.… Read More

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