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Conversation Marketing on Facebook

by Ian Lurie 14 Jul, 2007

I’ve just launched a Facebook group for Conversation Marketing: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2427040837 If you’re on Facebook and are interested, please feel free to sign up.


links for 2007-07-13

by Ian Lurie 12 Jul, 2007

Reminder: enter the Clever Blogging T-Shirt contest before it’s too late – Blogging Expertise – custom WordPress blog design, installation, and consulting Enter the contest – win free consulting from yours truly… (tags: blogging) Two Questions That Matter Most | Duct Tape Marketing Blog (tags: advertising Marketing) API Listing – ProgrammableWeb A great list of… Read More


links for 2007-07-12

by Ian Lurie 11 Jul, 2007

Seth’s Blog: The honor system I just had a client reject a 90-day guarantee offer on these very grounds… (tags: advertising sethgodin) Best Practices For Corporate Domain Name Management (tags: internet)


links for 2007-07-10

by Ian Lurie 9 Jul, 2007

MarketingSherpa: New Research Reveals Consumers Delay 34+ Hours Between the Click and the Purchase One huge reason not to panic if your new PPC campaign is unproductive for a day or so. (tags: ppc advertising analytics) Stefan Sagmeister at TEDTalks: “Yes, design can make you happy” – (37signals) Well, thank goodness. (tags: funny) Pageview’s Retirement:… Read More

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links for 2007-07-09

by Ian Lurie 8 Jul, 2007

55 Essential Articles Every Serious Blogger Should Read | Entrepreneurial Blog of Matt Huggins I’m just starting to work my way through this list. (tags: blogging blog)


links for 2007-07-07

by Ian Lurie 6 Jul, 2007

Quick Sprout A great site about personal branding. I know a lot of my readers are consultants and such – you should give this blog a look-see. (tags: tips advertising branding business media) The Public Speaking Blog » Blog Archive » How To Create A Technical Presentation That Makes Steve Job Green With Envy If… Read More


links for 2007-07-06

by Ian Lurie 5 Jul, 2007

analytics toolbox A great list of common analytics tools, as well as the basic types of analytics available for all us internet marketing types. (tags: analytics Marketing internet) SEOmoz | Search Marketing Education Has a Long Way to Go – 5 Examples from the Field I laughed, then I cried. There are still some horrifically… Read More


links for 2007-07-04

by Ian Lurie 3 Jul, 2007

Defining Web 3.0 « Public Relations Rogue Wow, didn’t we just start on Web 2.0? (tags: web 2.0 advertising) RRW Consulting’s Direct Marketing Blog: How About a Little Wine with Your Social Marketing? This article may actually have the highest buzzword-to-content ratio I’ve seen, fitting both direct marketing AND social marketing AND nomadic marketing into… Read More

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Closed for the 4th, One Day Early

by Ian Lurie 3 Jul, 2007

No posts today, folks, or tomorrow. See you on the 5th. Have a great Independence Day.


links for 2007-07-03

by Ian Lurie 2 Jul, 2007

Web Strategy by Jeremiah – Exclusive: “Pythia” Launches. A Social Media Measurement tool Some nice press from Jeremiah over at Web-Strategist (tags: advertising analytics blogging blogs) Micro Persuasion: How USA Today Collaborated with Readers to Cover the iPhone USA Today covers the iPhone launch, internet-style (tags: advertising blogging) Calling In Pros to Refine Your Google… Read More

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