links for 2007-06-16

by Ian Lurie 15 Jun, 2007

Advertising Age – Major Marketers Push 20% of Ad Budgets Into New Media Ad Age, AOL prove they’re only 2 years behind, by commenting on this ‘new’ trend. (tags: Marketing) How is an Effective Landing Page Like a Direct Mail Letter? | Copyblogger Darn right!!!! (tags: Marketing internet) How to Improve Your Image by NOT… Read More


links for 2007-06-15

by Ian Lurie 14 Jun, 2007

John Battelle’s Searchblog: Google Cancels EBay Party – Ebay Cancels Google Ads Google and Ebay: About to collide?


links for 2007-06-14

by Ian Lurie 13 Jun, 2007

Advertising Age – New Value-Based Comp Model Needed I’ve said this for a while. Question is, how else do we get paid, proportionate to the work? (tags: Marketing ethics) Search Engine Marketing Research: iProspect Search Marketer Measurement & Performance Study Great study. But why exactly are people LESS able to track ROI now than in… Read More


links for 2007-06-13

by Ian Lurie 12 Jun, 2007

Are You Writing Headlines That Sell? Stop! | Copyblogger Headlines are for stopping, not selling. (tags: copywriting Marketing) ClearBlogging: 5 Tips for Busy Bloggers I’m really busy today. Somehow this seems on point. (tags: blogging) Jott.com – Mobile Note Taking and Hands-Free Messaging Another great service if you’re crazy busy. Yahoo PPC = Me Go… Read More


Post A Daily Link List On Your Blog: Easy-Peasy!!!!

by Ian Lurie 12 Jun, 2007

Here’s a way to guarantee at least one post per day on your blog: Use del.icio.us. This cleverly-named site lets you bookmark sites you like, and then organize those bookmarks. You’ve probably already bookmarked a particular page somewhere on the web, at some point, by clicking ‘bookmark this’ in Internet Explorer or Firefox. Del.icio.us does… Read More


links for 2007-06-12

by Ian Lurie 11 Jun, 2007

20 Tips for Better Google Searches Great tutorial (tags: google search tips) That moment I too often see people blink. (tags: sethgodin Marketing) How do you put your heart into that? – (37signals) Next time you look at something from a designer and say “I could do that”, review this post. (tags: design internet) Apple… Read More


Second Place in Copyblogger Contest

by Ian Lurie 30 May, 2007

I’m in Manhattan right now. Specifically, I’m in the spare room in my mom’s apartment, trying to coax my daughter to go to sleep. Then, out of the blue, one of my staff instant messaged me (I’m the blue messages on the right): I won second place in the Copyblogger Copywriting contest! Woo-hoo! I missed… Read More


Blogging Checklist

by Ian Lurie 25 May, 2007

I wrote a little checklist, Early last Wednesday. Now it’s proofed and ready, So you blogging can play. The first page helps you start up, It takes an hour at the most. The second helps you build up, Your new blog post by post. Sung to dreydel dreydel dreydel, for all you other Hannukah celebrants… Read More


Blogging: Picking Good Categories

by Ian Lurie 21 May, 2007

My blog’s categories stink. So, I’m figuring out a new structure. Then, of course, I’ll have to rearrange all my articles. Argh. If you want to avoid that pain, or at least minimize it, here’s a process for developing a good, flexible category set: Write down the purpose of your blog. Even if you’ve done… Read More


Clearing Bloggage: A follow up

by Ian Lurie 18 May, 2007

A great point from Laura about clearing blogger’s block: Keep publishing, and chances are you won’t have to worry about topics. Folks send me ideas all the time now.