Creating Your Own Blog: Getting Started

by Ian Lurie 14 May, 2007

Thursday I’m giving a very brief crash course on building and writing a blog. As a warm up, I’m writing out a bit of the 90-minute curriculum. Here’s part one: Creating Your Own Blog: Getting Started Blog setup is a snap, if you can come up with a good idea. Figure out your theme. What… Read More


Clearing Bloggage in 7 Easy Steps

by Ian Lurie 10 May, 2007

Have you looked at any presidential candidate’s blogs lately? How many are actually written by the candidate? I know they’re busy and all. But something like half of the world that uses the internet looks to blogs for unvarnished, or maybe just partly varnished, peek at what the candidates are thinking. So why doesn’t Hillary… Read More


Conversation Marketing Podcast Feed

by Ian Lurie 8 May, 2007

I am joining the 21st Century with my very own podcast feed. The feed includes my first interview, as well as the Google Analytics Tutorials. As I add more stuff, I’ll update the feed… The link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ConversationMarketingPodcasts Technorati Tags: podcast


Social Marketers Can Dance

by Ian Lurie 19 Apr, 2007

Jeremiah salsa dances I, however, cannot. I am, in fact, such a bad dancer that my wife excused me from all but 1 or 2 dances on our wedding day (well, to be fair, we were married on a boat, and the dance floor was small, and we mostly socialized, but you get the idea).


Circuit City Cuts Off Nose, Spites Face

by Ian Lurie 17 Apr, 2007

Circuit City is, of course, imploding. They decided to reduce costs by firing the higher-paid salespeople at their stores. Kevin Hillstrom at The MineThatData Blog asks whether Circuit City is correct when they state: “There is no data in the company’s analysis that the service level has dropped due to the absence of the top… Read More


Account Executive Wanted

by Ian Lurie 20 Mar, 2007

Brief business interlude: My company, Portent, is hiring. We need an Account Executive with at least 1 years’ experience in that role. If you have any questions, please e-mail me: ian AT portent DOT com.


Cool Photo Album Publishing Tools

by Ian Lurie 18 Mar, 2007

It’s Sunday, and I’m noodling around with ways to post photos to my various family sites. I use Flickr, of course, and I used to post photos using a script in Photoshop, but recently I found two other tools everyone may want to try: JAlbum is a great way to create, organize and skin albums… Read More


How I Keep In Touch

by Ian Lurie 28 Feb, 2007

Brian asked me how I keep in touch with family and friends. An interesting question – I spend lots of time on this blog talking about how to keep in touch with customers, but I spend vastly more time chatting, calling or writing to friends and family. Here’s what I use: Face to face contact.… Read More


Internet Marketing Tools List

by Ian Lurie 21 Feb, 2007

I’m starting to keep a list of tools I’ve found or built. If you think I need to add one, just post a comment. SEO Related SEOMOZ.org‘s tool collection 301 Redirect Manager (by Conversation Marketing & Portent) Blogging Feedburner Analytics/Strategic What’s a Click Worth (by Conversation Marketing & Portent) Google Analytics Google Trends Alexa The… Read More


Google Typo?

by Ian Lurie 14 Feb, 2007

Not sure if Google did this intentionally, but what’s missing from this logo? Update: Well, apparently life with two kids in the suburbs has sucked all romance from me. The ‘L’ is missing on purpose: Here’s what Google said. I still don’t get it. If anyone wants to help save my sanity, please, explain. Of… Read More