Ian Lurie 20 Mar, 2007

Account Executive Wanted

Brief business interlude: My company, Portent, is hiring. We need an Account Executive with at least 1 years’ experience in that role. If you have any questions, please e-mail me: ian AT portent DOT com.


Ian Lurie 18 Mar, 2007

Cool Photo Album Publishing Tools

It’s Sunday, and I’m noodling around with ways to post photos to my various family sites. I use Flickr, of course, and I used to post photos using a script in Photoshop, but recently I found two other tools everyone may want to try: JAlbum is a great way to create, organize and skin albums… Read More


Ian Lurie 28 Feb, 2007

How I Keep In Touch

Brian asked me how I keep in touch with family and friends. An interesting question – I spend lots of time on this blog talking about how to keep in touch with customers, but I spend vastly more time chatting, calling or writing to friends and family. Here’s what I use: Face to face contact.… Read More


Ian Lurie 21 Feb, 2007

Internet Marketing Tools List

I’m starting to keep a list of tools I’ve found or built. If you think I need to add one, just post a comment. SEO Related SEOMOZ.org‘s tool collection 301 Redirect Manager (by Conversation Marketing & Portent) Blogging Feedburner Analytics/Strategic What’s a Click Worth (by Conversation Marketing & Portent) Google Analytics Google Trends Alexa The… Read More


Ian Lurie 14 Feb, 2007

Google Typo?

Not sure if Google did this intentionally, but what’s missing from this logo? Update: Well, apparently life with two kids in the suburbs has sucked all romance from me. The ‘L’ is missing on purpose: Here’s what Google said. I still don’t get it. If anyone wants to help save my sanity, please, explain. Of… Read More

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Ian Lurie 2 Feb, 2007

Google Search Backlash?

John Battelle reports that Yahoo has gained a bit on Google in the world of search, by outpacing Google’s growth. John suggests it might be because Yahoo’s becoming more accurate. That’s possible. But there’s another possibility: I’m betting on Google backlash – you don’t get as dominant as Google is now without making a lot… Read More


Ian Lurie 26 Nov, 2006

Top Replies by Developers When Something Breaks

We’ve all had a time when a developer tells us that their code is perfect, and something else is wrong. Right? Question is, how do you know whether they’re correct? Well, if the developer’s answer is on this list, you can call their bluff. Trust me.


Ian Lurie 9 Nov, 2006

Factoid: Search Engine Market Share

In case you’re wondering: Google gets 44.1% of all searches right now. That’s up 7% over last year. Yahoo gets 28.7%. Down 1%. MSN gets 12.5%, down 3%. AOL gets 5.6%. Ask.com gets another 5.5%. All other search engines on earth fight over the remaining 3.6% of available search traffic. So if anyone ever calls… Read More


Ian Lurie 30 Aug, 2006

Accoona Search Engine

I have a super-busy week this week, hence the lack of posts. But here’s an interesting site to check out: Accoona.com is a search engine launched in 2004 that appears to be making some inroads. Most interesting is that they’ve blended pure keyword search with a ‘SuperTarget’ tool that lets you instantly narrow your search… Read More


Ian Lurie 23 Aug, 2006

Plagiarism Online

Here’s a checklist to keep in your back pocket: What to do if someone rips off your web site.