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Google Search Backlash?

by Ian Lurie 2 Feb, 2007

John Battelle reports that Yahoo has gained a bit on Google in the world of search, by outpacing Google’s growth. John suggests it might be because Yahoo’s becoming more accurate. That’s possible. But there’s another possibility: I’m betting on Google backlash – you don’t get as dominant as Google is now without making a lot… Read More


Top Replies by Developers When Something Breaks

by Ian Lurie 26 Nov, 2006

We’ve all had a time when a developer tells us that their code is perfect, and something else is wrong. Right? Question is, how do you know whether they’re correct? Well, if the developer’s answer is on this list, you can call their bluff. Trust me.


Factoid: Search Engine Market Share

by Ian Lurie 9 Nov, 2006

In case you’re wondering: Google gets 44.1% of all searches right now. That’s up 7% over last year. Yahoo gets 28.7%. Down 1%. MSN gets 12.5%, down 3%. AOL gets 5.6%. gets another 5.5%. All other search engines on earth fight over the remaining 3.6% of available search traffic. So if anyone ever calls… Read More


Accoona Search Engine

by Ian Lurie 30 Aug, 2006

I have a super-busy week this week, hence the lack of posts. But here’s an interesting site to check out: is a search engine launched in 2004 that appears to be making some inroads. Most interesting is that they’ve blended pure keyword search with a ‘SuperTarget’ tool that lets you instantly narrow your search… Read More


Plagiarism Online

by Ian Lurie 23 Aug, 2006

Here’s a checklist to keep in your back pocket: What to do if someone rips off your web site.


Nike vs. Adidas for Soccer Supremacy

by Ian Lurie 8 Jun, 2006

Nike is looking to unseat Adidas as the accepted leader in soccer (football for most of the world) gear.
They’re focusing a lot of their efforts on the internet, with a site called and a campaign featuring Brazilian player Joga Bonito.
Adidas controls most of the World Cup-affiliated advertising on TV, in print and on radio. So Nike is using the web to make their mark with a younger, newer audience.
I don’t know if it’ll work, but the merits are clear: Nike is acting ‘small’, eschewing media channels that Adidas has wrapped up, and is going right around them online.


Fifty Reasons

by Ian Lurie 31 Mar, 2006

Scott Heiferman has a great list of 50 reasons folks don’t use your web site: 50 Reasons Why It’s a great read. Enjoy!


Ugly Websites Win

by Ian Lurie 24 Mar, 2006

Ugly websites work best. Think back on the most successful sites on the internet: Google? Ugly. Craigslist? Ugly. Ebay? Ugly. Yahoo? Most successful when they were ugly. Astonishingly ugly. And right behind them come,, etc.. None of these sites will win any design awards. They have faces only an investor could love.
These sites succeed because they put message and function first, form second…


Tested, Two: In A Nutshell

by Ian Lurie 31 Jan, 2006

Tested Advertising Methods distills marketing and advertising down to a few critical rules: That which works, sells. That which looks good and works, sells better. That which looks good but doesn’t work, sells nothing. No wonder I love this book… See my previous post about this book.


Judging a Book By Its Cover

by Ian Lurie 17 Jan, 2006

A Canadian study has shown that users judge the aesthetics of a web site in less than one-twentieth of a second. Translation? The simplest appropriate design is best. In that space of time (less than a blink), do you think your audience will take in ten product photos, five logos, an animated image and a… Read More