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39 blogging tips

by Ian Lurie 6 Oct, 2011

Oh god, you groan, I have to write on the blog again?! I just wrote a post last month!!! It’s a pain, I know. You’ve got a business to run, or a game to watch, or kids to feed. Spending 2 hours grinding out 300 words just isn’t a high priority. It can be worth… Read More

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We are all Google

by Ian Lurie 4 Oct, 2011

Anyone who publishes anything on the web is part of Google. Well, anyone who lets Google crawl their content, anyway. Which is just about everyone. I told ya so Lots of bloggers are saying that Google’s a publisher. To which I can only say, “Well, DUH!” I’ve been writing about Google-as-aggregator for a few years… Read More


Me, on SEMSynergy

by Ian Lurie 30 Sep, 2011

Jessica Lee from Bruce Clay, Inc. interviewed me as part of this week’s SEMSynergy show. I talk about the Facebook data I presented at Search & Social Hawaii, what’s going to happen to Yahoo!, and why I believe that somewhere else on earth I have an exact duplicate. Kidding on that last part. You can… Read More

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Resources from Search and Social Hawaii

by Ian Lurie 28 Sep, 2011

I’ve put all of the resources I mentioned during my various talks at Search & Social Hawaii into a single Bitly link bundle. You can check it out here. Some of the stuff in the bundle: My slides. Links to past blog posts diving deeper into topics like content curation. Links to scripts I mentioned.… Read More

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Big, fat lessons on rebuilding your blog

by Ian Lurie 16 Sep, 2011

Let someone else do it. And stay out of their way. There is always a way to export/import your content. Don’t believe someone if they say “You’ll have to cut and paste it.” Analytics should work from day 1 (mine did). Trade three useless graphical features for one good typographical element. You’ll win every time.… Read More


New Portent people, punished with painful puns

by Ian Lurie 6 Sep, 2011

…and some alliteration. Two new faces at Portent. I’m really excited to have them on board, both because they’re scary-smart and will be great for the company, and because their hiring means we’ve reached another milestone of sorts. I’ve decided to welcome them to the company with some horrifically bad puns: Lindsay Thomas Lindsay’s not… Read More


Writer’s block: An infographic

by Ian Lurie 31 Aug, 2011

I have horrific writer’s block right now. I’m tired, burned out on writing and generally verbally fried. Alan Bleiweiss gave me an amazing idea: So, thanks to Alan, here it is. All my limited artistic talent focused like a blurry laser beam in a snowstorm on my current nemesis: Writer’s block. I don’t know. I… Read More


The Ian Lurie Field Guide

by Ian Lurie 24 Aug, 2011

Someone at Portent asked me to put together an explanation of why I behave the way I do. They meant it in a nice way. So this is it: The Field Guide to Ian Lurie, written for “Portent” employees and anyone else I might encounter in the working world. Feel free to laugh at me,… Read More


I’m a bad person

by Ian Lurie 17 Aug, 2011

In all my running yesterday (and flight delays) I forgot to say ‘sorry’ for missing the Author’s Lunch at SES San Francisco. So: I’m sorry. Usually I leave more time for delays – this time it didn’t work out. You can all leave nasty comments below:


Pedal Harder, Dammit: In marketing, effort means more

by Ian Lurie 15 Aug, 2011

I’d love to say I’m about to draw a spectacular parallel between cycling and internet marketing. But internet marketing isn’t anything like cycling. I’ve never barfed after a hard day of internet marketing. Nor have I gotten road rash because of a badly-behaved poodle. And I never won a bicycle race because of my brain… Read More

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