Ian Lurie 2 May, 2011

What the US Marines and Ender’s Game teach about professional growth

Never underestimate the Marine Corps. Here’s one of their reading lists: Yep. Ender’s Game. One of the greatest pieces of science fiction ever written. On the US Marine Corps. reading list. That is awesome. The Marines do more with less than any other branch of the military. They do it, in part, by encouraging creativity… Read More


Ian Lurie 20 Apr, 2011

1 tip for faster blogging: Use Textile

This is a tip that’ll either: Save you 20 minutes per blog post; or Lead to much better-looking blog posts. I write all of my blog posts using Textmate, a text editor for the Mac. I write them all using a very simple text formatting language called Textile. I recommend E-Text Editor for the same… Read More


Ian Lurie 14 Apr, 2011

Portent’s new hoodies have arrived

…and I’m damned excited. Our first legit logowear: I don’t know why I’m so excited, but somehow it makes me feel so… grown up. Gang pose courtesy of one of Portent’s fine SEO team.


Ian Lurie 13 Apr, 2011

A great response, and a lesson in social media

Something a bit unusual today. On Monday I wrote 20 reasons you shouldn’t listen to a word I say. Today, I was delighted to receive a 20-item response to my 20 items from Angela Hansen. I liked it so much I asked her for permission to publish it here. And no, Angela is not giving… Read More


Jarrod Medrano 13 Apr, 2011

Movies Every Internet Marketer Should See

There are some films you can go your entire life without seeing. These are not those films. If you don’t know your A,B,S from your A,B,Cs, I am here to help. Many of these movies are available on the Netflix Instant Watch, so you can pump this steaming hot knowledge directly into your nucleus accumbens.… Read More


Ian Lurie 7 Apr, 2011

The Potential Misery Index: Ranking potential clients

I love my clients. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, I know. But once Portent signs on to work with someone, we’ve got one job: Help the client kick ass. We’re committed. That means we need to be pretty picky about clients and contracts. I use a special scale called the Potential Misery Index (PMI). You… Read More


Ian Lurie 6 Apr, 2011

25 cringe- or shrug-worth headlines

I tell you to write clear headlines, and you don’t listen. I tell you to try the blank sheet of paper test, and you ignore me. I suggest that you write fully descriptive headlines, and you snort. Well, now you can see what happens. 25 truly screwed up, hideous headlines written by folks who didn’t… Read More


Doug Antkowiak 1 Apr, 2011

New Google Ranking Factor: Site Owner Attractiveness

It’s well known that attractive people are thought to be smarter and nicer, but it doesn’t stop there. Today the Portent Interactive SEO team discovered a new search engine ranking factor: site owner attractiveness. “We’ve been noticing some strange movements in the rankings recently.”  Said Portent SEO Specialist Matthew Gratt, “We couldn’t figure out what… Read More


Ian Lurie 30 Mar, 2011

Google ‘guru’ lives up to its name, is pretty dumb

Quick update: If you type in ‘2*4′ it will actually do the math for you. However, typing in ‘pointless’ still returns no results. I’ve long assumed that most folks who call themselves ‘gurus’ are pretty deficient in the guru-ness department. Turns out, the same is true of automated chat bots. Google just launched Google Talk… Read More


Ian Lurie 29 Mar, 2011

The agency employees’ guide to bosses

You knew this was coming after yesterday’s post, right? Seems only fair that, after providing agency bosses a guide to employees, I now provide marketing agency employees a guide to bosses. Unfortunately, this is really only a guide to me. I can’t see inside other boss’s heads. And they can’t see inside mine, I hope.… Read More


Ian Lurie 28 Mar, 2011

A marketing agency boss’s guide to employees

Important note! I should point out that these lessons had nothing to do the crapstorm that was my Monday. In fact, my employees probably kept me from flinging myself, clothed in raccoon pelts and howling with laughter, into the Green River. No one at Portent is in trouble! Except me, maybe. Yesterday, I finished some… Read More

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Ian Lurie 21 Mar, 2011

If you can write, we should talk

So, I’m greedy. I’ve got this amazing team at Portent, right? They produce all sorts of great training content, link bait, funny lists, news, etc. that we post for clients and for our own bizarre sites. But I want more, dammit. We keep a list of headlines, topics and stuff that we want to write… Read More


Ian Lurie 21 Mar, 2011

Writers: Portent needs YOU

If you’re a writer looking for freelance gigs, Portent needs YOU. We’re looking for great writers to do high-quality blog posts, articles and series on topics ranging from cloud computing and security to bikinis. Here’s the thing: Portent’s internal team is fantastic. They produce training, promotional and news content for our clients and have hit… Read More

enchantment Random

Ian Lurie 15 Mar, 2011

Great ideas I got from Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment

Guy Kawasaki is an egotistical jerk. That was my first impression. I was at Gnomedex a few years back. He stood up in front of the audience and said, “I’ve got lots of stuff I can talk about.” Then he presented three possibilities and let us choose. Are you kidding me? He didn’t even prepare?!… Read More


Ian Lurie 11 Mar, 2011

The content revolution is coming, and it’s full of crap

‘2011 is the Year of Content!!!!’ That’s what the addled woman who smelled slightly of sour beer belched into her cell phone yesterday. We were both waiting in line to get food at the airport. She said it as if she’d just discovered the secret business success. She saved me $10, though, because when I… Read More

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