I lose my fracking mind or: A new Python script

by Ian Lurie 5 Jul, 2011

Total. Mind. Meltdown. I’d do a brilliant insightful post today, I’m sure, except that today’s events, professional and media-related, combined with my concussing myself with a bicycle rack yesterday, have left me a gibbering idiot. Or brought out the gibbering idiocy that normally lies just beneath the surface. Or something. So instead, here’s a little… Read More


Google+ thoughts – I eat crow

by Ian Lurie 1 Jul, 2011

I must eat crow now. Not tasty, breaded and fried, but vaguely icky, with feathers still stuck to it. I dissed Google+ the moment it came out, in part because it failed—it vomited everywhere when I tried to sign up. But now that I’ve used it for a while, I have to say that it’s… Read More


Google+ outlook, in a nutshell

by Ian Lurie 28 Jun, 2011

I just tried to sign up for the Google+ notification list. This is what I got: In case you didn’t know, Google+ is Google’s latest attempt to break into social media. Judging by the result, I think it’ll easily eclipse… Google Buzz.


The path to marketing nirvana: The peeve, and the rush

by Ian Lurie 24 Jun, 2011

What makes Steve Jobs so damned compelling? What about Seth Godin? Howard Stern? Richard Feynman? (choke) Rush Limbaugh? They’ve found Marketing Nirvana: The place where their beliefs and their product match up. I’m not saying this as a pile of wishy-washy marketing-psychobabble crap. Marketing nirvana is on your to-do list. It’s on mine too. If… Read More

Internet Marketing

AppSumo deal – all my e-books for $25

by Ian Lurie 23 Jun, 2011

AppSumo has taken a real liking to Portent’s e-books. Today, they’re offering all of our e-books: Conversation Marketing The SEO CopyWriting e-book The Fat-Free Guide to Google Analytics PPC for Small Business (a two-book series) For a total of $25. You can get it here: AppSumo Online Marketing eBook Bundle Posting later today: 10 things… Read More


To all journalists: I am not a cockroach

by Ian Lurie 22 Jun, 2011

Tomorrow I’m going to be speaking to the ONA/SPJ meetup about SEO and social media. ONA is The Online News Association). SPJ is the Society for Professional Journalists. My typical relationship with journalists and their editors goes like this: Ian is a cockroach, only less evolved. Ian isn’t a bad guy, but he’s going to… Read More


My deep, dark secret (w/ some free training for you)

by Ian Lurie 14 Jun, 2011

I have a secret to confess. I actually run an agency. NO, WAIT. Don’t go away! This involves free, no-strings-attached learning stuff. And a cool web site! Bear with me. I know you probably know I have a job. But whenever I meet folks at a conference, they seem to assume that money just sort… Read More

ultimate spoof Random

Friday silliness: The Ultimate Marketer Tease

by Ian Lurie 10 Jun, 2011

I’ve watched The Ultimate Dog Tease 1000 times now. I love it. But I feel so bad for the dog. So, when we decided to spoof it, we tried to think of a creature no one cares about. And we realized – it’s us!!!. I went to law school. The only thing less liked than… Read More


10 Social Media Tips for Politicians

by Ian Lurie 9 Jun, 2011

Republicans, Democrats, some of you are pretty stupid when it comes to social media. Exhibit A: Your last name is Weiner—W-E-I-N-E-R— and you send lewd photos via Twitter? Seriously?! Exhibit B: You reply to a Craigslist ad via e-mail, attaching a picture of your six-pack? (that’s ex-Congressman Christopher Lee, folks, lest we forget) So, 10… Read More


AppSumo special on my SEO Copywriting e-book

by Ian Lurie 9 Jun, 2011

All good things come to an end, it seems. This deal has expired. You can buy the book for only $2 more, on my site. Or wait and see what the Sumo brings next. I’ve always been a bit scared of the AppSumo. His tough talk. His topknot. That smug smile. But it turns out… Read More

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