Plagiarism Online


Ian Lurie Aug 23 2006

Online plagiarism is rampant. Some folks just rip off your entire site look. Others just steal your content.

What to do?

First, there are ways to root out the thieves: Cut-and-paste a sentence from your web site into the search box on Google or Yahoo. I do that regularly with the first sentence of my corporate site, I did it this morning, and voila, the second listing is a rip off of my site: Here’s the Google search result.

Ekrupa? Who the heck is that?

Well, whoever they are, I don’t like it. So my next steps are:

1. Send a polite but firm note to the web site owner.

2. Notify Google of the site using this form.

3. Notify Yahoo using this form.

If all else fails, I’ll call a lawyer. I haven’t had to do that yet, though.

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