Sunday Search Terms Fun

Ian Lurie Nov 18 2007

Every now and then I have to take a peek at the keywords report for Conversation Marketing. Well, OK, I obsessively check it every day. But sometimes you find some real zingers, and Vanessa Fox’s recent post inspired me to share:

- buy a wife

- buy an internet wife

- buy a wife online (I seem to have found a niche)

- nike vs adidas

- ways to commit

- cal (huh?)

- buy coke online (oh, c’mon now)

- kinds of lettuce

- poop

- poop blog

- barak dimenstein

- go insane

- dumb pooping

- dreydel

- stupid head

I’m not making these up.

I’ve never pursued a business selling wives on the internet, or selling drugs, or discussing poop. But the subjects have come up.

I’m going to go ponder new business models, now…

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