Vote for me in the Semmys. Pretty please?


Ian Lurie Jan 25 2010

semmyfinalistsMy post, 10 Questions to Evaluate A Social Media ‘Expert’, is in the industry section finals of the Semmy Awards. If you know what the Semmys are, you know why I want to win. If you don’t, then just trust me it’s about time that I stop being the Susan Lucci of the SEO world, k?
Vote here:

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  1. Jeff


  2. Travis

    Done and done! Vote early, and vote often (just kidding)…
    Good luck Ian.

  3. Amy Kuncaitis

    I voted for you because your writing is quite brilliant even if I don’t agree 100% with all of it, your writing is really great.

  4. Alex

    Tis done. Good luck!

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