Successful Search Engine Optimization

by Ian Lurie 24 Jun, 2008

As Tom said last week, you must include search engine optimization in your internet marketing process from day 1. “Day 1″ means “the first day you think about building a new web site”. And that’s not some kind of weird Seattle thing, either. Your web site is part of your campaign. So the planning that… Read More

site-scream-seo SEO

An SEO Workflow that Works

by Ian Lurie 18 Jun, 2008

If you’ve ever heard these quotes, you need to read this post: “The designers said we couldn’t use this font and have it be text.” “The designers said they couldn’t format the page without tables.” “It’ll take us hours to change that now.” “No, you can’t edit the title tags on each page.” “This is… Read More


Search Engine Optimization Before Development & Design

by Tom Schmitz 9 Jun, 2008

Question: When should a company bring a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant into designing a new web site? Answer: Immediately! I just read an article where the author states that the time to hire a search engine optimization consultant is right after the design is finished, before the content is written. Wow! There’s a disaster… Read More


How to Choose the Right SEO Vendor: Responding to Rand

by Ian Lurie 29 May, 2008

Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz fame just wrote How to Choose The Right SEO Vendor. It’s solid, but I’m going to take advantage of my additional age experience and point out a few issues: “Start with your Goals” Absolutely. If you know what your goals are. If not, I suggest that this is a great opportunity… Read More


Basic SEO Copywriting in a Nut Shell

by Tom Schmitz 27 May, 2008

This week Portent Interactive is excited to welcome our newest member of the team, copywriter Amanda Halm. Hi Amanda! Jade asked me to write some SEO copywriting pointers that I just finished. Since these sound so proprietary-like, I just had to sneak them past Ian to share with you. So enjoy and *shhhh* Don't tell… Read More


Competitive Rubber Chicken Research for Search Engine Optimization

by Tom Schmitz 20 May, 2008

Know Your Search Engine Optimization Competition When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, your competitors may not be whom you think. One of the first things I ask for from new SEO clients is a list of competitors. This usually arrives from their marketing office and includes other companies that provide the same product or… Read More


Search Engine Optimization Pre-flight – Analytics

by Tom Schmitz 16 May, 2008

This article is part of a continuing series, From Seattle – Search Engine Optimization – To You. An easy to understand explanation of SEO. The SEO Preflight Before diving into a new SEO project I want to understand what challenges the web site faces and, of course, the opportunities. Call it my SEO Pre-flight for… Read More


From Seattle – Search Engine Optimization Explained

by Tom Schmitz 15 May, 2008

From Seattle – Search Engine Optimization – To You All SEO professionals face a difficult task when explaining their work in ways that are : Understandable Meaningful Actionable I enjoy talking about Search Engine Optimization at Seattle area events and discussing SEO in everyday terms with our clients from around the USA—it’s a highlight of… Read More


SEO Has A Future: Rebutting ShoeMoney and Marketing Pilgrim

by Ian Lurie 8 May, 2008

Today, ShoeMoney and Marketing Pilgrim provided great insights into why they think search engine optimization has no future. I don’t agree. Times infinity. Nyah nyah phbltbltbltblt. So there. Marketing Pilgrim says: “Take my industry of health supplements. Do you think Google wants to reward the SEO contortions of unknown companies and affiliates with lots of… Read More


6 Link Building Practices That Scare The Crap Out of Me

by Ian Lurie 1 May, 2008

‘Link building’, for those who don’t know, is the practice of gaining links from other sites. Links are important. They deliver authority in the eyes of search engines, traffic if you’re lucky, and a chance that someone else will link to you, too. You can’t live without ‘em. But there are no established best practices… Read More

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