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Keyword Search Is Just Fine, Thank You

by Ian Lurie 25 Apr, 2008

Eric Shonfeld at Techcrunch just posted Is Keyword Search About To Hit Its Breaking Point? So, are we headed for a search apocalypse? Better hope not. And I don’t think so. Eric cites Nova Spivack’s presentation. In it, Nova says that if the amount of content keeps growing keyword search will collapse, leaving the internet… Read More

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7 Easy SEO Tips, and Faster Pageloads: Santa Rosa Courthouse Square, Reviewed

by Ian Lurie 23 Apr, 2008

Santa Rosa Courthouse Square is a nice little site, with some basic SEO problems. Next in my oh-so-inconsistent series of site reviews, this site is elegant and reasonably easy to navigate: But under the pretty exterior lurks a few SEO gotchas that are definitely hurting it. Those turn into 7 pretty basic SEO tips that… Read More


Internet Advancement Busted: SEO Standards Still Don’t Make Sense

by Ian Lurie 11 Apr, 2008

Yes, a bad SEO got busted. No, that is not an intelligent argument for SEO standards. Kevin at Search Engine Watch immediately pounced on the ruling against Internet Advancement as an argument for SEO standards. They’re wrong. The fact that there are fraudsters and con artists out there doesn’t argue for SEO standards. It argues… Read More

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SEO Video Tutorial: The SEO Matrix Has You

by Ian Lurie 9 Apr, 2008

Why make my own content when I can steal from my employees instead? This is a great high-level view of search engine optimization. Plus I dance every time I hear that opening beat: Original Entry


Google’s Dancing: Surviving the Dewey Update

by Ian Lurie 4 Apr, 2008

It’s somewhat official: Google’s making another major algorithm update. You can read the geeky details on Search Engine Land. I have a few tips for surviving the experience: Turn off your computer and walk away for a week. Find those left over percocets and pop a few. Failing that, go to the Google server at… Read More


B2B Marketing | Expanding Your Web site Content

by Tom Schmitz 26 Mar, 2008

  If your business to business web site is like most companies’ its focused is on: Generating leads Trying to get as much information into as small a space as possible. Too bad. Compacting your Internet marketing strategy and your online content are huge errors. The desire is understandable. Time is precious. People are busy.… Read More

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I’m the Snidely Whiplash of SEO?!

by Ian Lurie 25 Mar, 2008

Yesterday Michael Martinez wrote a post about Real Advice from Bad SEOs. It’s a bit of a rant, and you know how I love internet marketing rants and SEO mythbusting, so I loved the sound of his new post. His overall point is great too: If the search engines start bouncing your site up and… Read More


A ‘Crash Course’ on SEO Ethics and Responsibility

by Ian Lurie 11 Mar, 2008

When you go to a conference and present, you have a responsibility to give accurate advice or admit you can’t. That’s called professional responsibility. Especially in a relatively new field like search engine optimization. I really enjoyed SEMPDX, and recommend it to everyone. All of the presentations were great. With one exception. What Went Wrong… Read More

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Speaking at SEMPDX Searchfest 2008

by Ian Lurie 11 Mar, 2008

I spoke about search marketing and analytics yesterday, at SEMPDX Searchfest 2008. It was a great conference and a great group! If you need my slides, here they are: Search Marketing Analytics from Ian Lurie | View | Upload your own

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Local Search Optimization 101: Get Found

by Ian Lurie 7 Mar, 2008

All 3 major search engines now have local search results, and they mix them right into the normal ranking pages. That’s wreaked havoc with many businesses that previously had the top spot for something like ‘seattle internet marketing’ (ahem) but suddenly found themselves buried underneath a map and a list of local companies: In this… Read More

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