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Ian Lurie 12 Feb, 2008

Beware: Network Solutions SEO Fine Print

Network Solutions lies like George Bush on an aircraft carrier. Or Bill Clinton about his sex life (just to be non-partisan about it). You can’t pin any of them down, but you know damned well they’re pulling a fast one. I got an e-mail from a client today asking: “Why should we pay you $5,000… Read More


Ian Lurie 7 Feb, 2008

People Search for Answers, not Keywords

75% of all those online will use a search engine to find you. But they’re not looking for keywords. They’re looking for answers. You may be inclined to modify your entire site to get that top spot for ‘mufflers’. It’s a nice, juicy keyword. If you get the top ranking for it, your boss will… Read More


Ian Lurie 28 Jan, 2008

Warning: Do Not Hire Sam’s Club for Search Marketing

Sam’s Club has thrown their hat into the SEO/PPC scam ring. In what’s becoming a weekly tradition, I’ve volunteered to point out why you’d have to be brain damaged to hire them: 1. They Can’t Market Themselves. Can They Market You?! In marketingspeak, Sam’s Club’s online marketing page is the south end of a northbound… Read More


Ian Lurie 17 Jan, 2008

SEO Confessions: I’m a Fraud

K, I had a great day today, so I’m cheery. That means it’s time to tear an internet marketing scam into a pile of tiny bits and pieces. Today’s victim is SEO Confessions, a site that guarantees everything except the apparent author’s hairstyle: I have no problem with the format. It’s a landing page and… Read More


Ian Lurie 27 Dec, 2007

In SEO, Content DOES Matter

Be very, very careful when you read claims by bloggers and SEO ‘professionals’ that fresh content no longer matters. Content matters. A lot. Ignoring it will doom your efforts to get a high ranking, 99% of the time. I mean text content, by the way – text that you can cut-and-paste into a word processor.… Read More


Ian Lurie 13 Dec, 2007

Test Your Web Team: The SEO Quiz

Update: The quiz tool I was using didn’t work quite as advertised, so I’ve just put the quiz right on the page. Correct answers are bracketed. Too often, web developers and designers say they’re SEO experts, when they’re not. As a client, you have to believe them – they’re the experts. So it can be… Read More


Ian Lurie 14 Nov, 2007

30 SEO Tips for Newspaper and Magazine Publishers

Funny, isn't he?

Online publishers – newspapers, for example – depend on visits and pageviews for their livelihood. The biggest source of visits is still unpaid, ‘organic’ search results. So, why do so many publishers do such a poor job of optimizing their sites? I don’t know, either, but I’ve pulled together a list of easy tweaks and changes that can help make any publication improve its rankings, fast…

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Ian Lurie 26 Oct, 2007

SEO Tactics: Keyword Diversification = Happiness

Brian over at Copyblogger has pointed out that depending on Google for your business model isn’t such a hot idea. And there’s a lot of hand-wringing right now about Google’s recent pagerank update. But Google generates 75% of your traffic, right? So you can’t exactly pooh-pooh them. As a compromise: Don’t depend on a few… Read More


Ian Lurie 25 Oct, 2007

Search Engines Are Structured Thinkers

Note: If you’re a veteran SEO person, this article is probably too basic. Read if you like, but this is meant as an introduction to how search engines ‘think’. With all the hysteria lately over Google’s pagerank changes, I thought a refresher on basic search principles might be helpful. Search engines are hierarchical beasts. They… Read More


Ian Lurie 24 Oct, 2007

Google Pagerank Made-Up Mayhem

There’s a veritable storm of blog posts going around right now regarding a sudden drop in Toolbar Pagerank for a bunch of sites. Marketing Pilgrim, Problogger, Center Networks, Blogstorm and even the normally thoughtful Copyblogger (sorry Brian – my bad) are all sounding a bit shrill. Let me clue you in to something: Toolbar pagerank… Read More

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