Ian Lurie 25 Jul, 2007

3 Easy SEO Tips

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, remains critical to any internet marketing campaign. Search engines are the way folks find stuff they want. Here are 3 easy things you can do for fairly quick results: 1: Write useful title tags. The title tag is hidden in the source code of each web page. You can see… Read More

cm veoh SEO

Ian Lurie 20 Jul, 2007

Video Tutorial: Google Custom Search Engines

You need a good search tool on your site. Your visitors want one – without it they’re about 30% more likely to leave after that first, 5-10 second review of your home page. Google has just released custom search engines for business. It’s a fantastic way to put a top-notch search tool on your site.… Read More


Ian Lurie 17 Jul, 2007

Good SEOs Have Always Been Marketers

Grokdotcom posted an article yesterday titled “Are Some SEO’s Becoming (*gasp*) Marketers?”. No. Good SEOs have always been marketers. Granted, good SEOs are, and always have been, in short supply. And it may be that these days, bad SEOs are learning to parrot things some of us have said for 7+ years like: “SEO is… Read More


Ian Lurie 13 Jul, 2007

Yahoo’s New Search Suggestion Feature

Yahoo has added a new search suggestion feature, further proving how totally unknown I am: I had to type all but the last two letters of my name to appear. Sniff.

yt tschmitz SEO

Ian Lurie 13 Jul, 2007

Portent On, Yahoo Site Explorer explodes

There’s no connection we know of. Portent SEO specialist Tom Schmitz was on SEOMoz’s Whiteboard Friday today, which is very cool. He and Rand talked about Yahoo Site Explorer’s brief implosion yesterday. Tom and Rand also discussed Pythia Analytics, Portent’s new tool. Here’s the whole video: Personally, if Yahoo Site Explorer died, I’d get a… Read More


Ian Lurie 19 Jun, 2007

Dumb SEO Spam

Do people still think stuff like this works? (Cut and paste this – I’m not creating a link and giving them the satisfaction). I’m 99% sure they’re trying to gain ranking for ‘ford akron ohio’. Hopefully the search engines are smarter than that these days…


Ian Lurie 4 Jun, 2007

Do not Hire Me: Seth Godin Says So

Well, OK, a bit of an over dramatization. But I often work as an SEO consultant, and he says I’m your last option. In a way, he’s right. He points out the futility of trying to game or trick the search engines into boosting your ranking in his synopsis of Inside The Black Box. I… Read More


Ian Lurie 1 Jun, 2007

Who Needs Sexy When You’re Rich? SEO and Keyword Diversity

One of my clients is having his best year yet. He also just lost his #1 position for a really important keyphrase. How can he have the former in spite of the latter? Diversity. He’s got top 5 rankings for dozens of phrases. While the Big Money phrase gets hundreds of searches per day, and… Read More


Ian Lurie 3 May, 2007

Wikipedia love: How to get it controls a lot of traffic. They dominate the Google rankings for just about every subject, and can have a profound effect on your search marketing efforts. So, a link from Wikipedia can really help out. Search Engine Land has a great article on the long-term strategy for positioning yourself on Wikipedia. I have a… Read More


Ian Lurie 24 Apr, 2007

Correct in An Empty Room

In marketing, it pays to start with your audience’s ideas, even if they’re wrong. Nowhere is that more true than search marketing: Pick the keywords they expect, and you’ll have a shot at changing their minds. Demand that they understand, in advance, that the phrase they use to describe your product is wrong, and you’ll… Read More

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