Ian Lurie 10 Apr, 2007

FUD Prevention: Google Website Optimizer

I just posted a bit about Google Website Optimizer, and potential SEO issues. It appears I may be guilty of FUD* mongering. Lest I be tagged as such: Robert Gorell at says it’s very, very unlikely that use of the tool would lead to penalties from Google. I’m still less sure about Yahoo –… Read More


Ian Lurie 10 Apr, 2007

Google Website Optimizer May Cause Search Penalties

Google Website Optimizer lets you test various headlines, product shots and other page elements against each other. And it’s free. Wouldn’t you always want to use it? No – ironically, Google’s Website Optimizer engages in a practice that some call ‘cloaking’. That practice may lead to search ranking penalties from – you guessed it –… Read More


Ian Lurie 6 Mar, 2007

4 Ways to Prepare for Google Personalized Search

Google is really pushing personalized search these days. That’s going to have a profound effect on search marketing, because you won’t be able to game web sites by over-focusing on a single phrase. Since Google Account holders’ search results will be based, in part, on their search history, stuffing your site to bursting with a… Read More


Ian Lurie 21 Feb, 2007

Humble Pie, Eating Crow, Wiping Egg Off Face

OK, I got caught in a rookie mistake. I did a quick SEO review of Jeremiah’s blog. In it, I said “Change to a server-side 302 redirect instead of a client-side redirect.” Gaaaah. Sorry. It should be a 301 redirect, not a 302 redirect. The difference: A 301 redirect indicates that a site or page… Read More


Ian Lurie 20 Feb, 2007

What to Do If Your Ranking Slips

You’ve been #1 for a month. Traffic and sales are rolling in. Then, one day, you check on your ranking on Google and it’s happened: You’re #2. Augh! Here’s what you do: Don’t Panic. Sometimes ranking changes are temporary. If you watch them every day you’re bound to see a lot of wiggling. Check the… Read More


Ian Lurie 9 Feb, 2007

Five Great Ways to Remain Invisible

After a long week, it’s nice to use some negative reinforcement for SEO training. Read on for the best ways to make sure you never show up in any search engine, ever.


Ian Lurie 7 Feb, 2007

Search Marketing Versus Simpletons

Muhammad at Pronet shows us a video as an indication as to why social sites, like, hate search engine marketers. The video he shows is horrible. The guy in the video is recommending unethical, short-sighted strategies that achieve nothing, or worse. Add links to social bookmarking sites three times a week?! This strategy would… Read More


Ian Lurie 1 Feb, 2007

Ignorance, revealed

Marketing Pilgrim points us to an article in the Rapid City Journal that claims ‘For the most part, search engine optimizers are… crooks.’ I won’t comment on the article. I’m too angry. But I will say this: Claire Scholz, the author of this article, is president of her own ‘Internet design and marketing company’. Check… Read More


Ian Lurie 27 Jan, 2007

An SEO Case Study

You can get the top Google ranking against 247 million competitors by doing the right thing.


Ian Lurie 26 Jan, 2007

Beware SEO Snake Oil

Matt Cutts has a great post about someone he caught using unethical but ‘undetectable’ search engine optimization techniques. The short version: If your search marketing firm/consultant mentions using ‘doorway pages’ or something like that to help you move up in the rankings, run. If they won’t tell you what they’re doing, run faster.