Ian Lurie 16 Jan, 2007

WikiSeek Search Engine: First Impressions

Wikipedia’s new Wikiseek has a very long way to go in the world of search engines.


Ian Lurie 12 Jan, 2007

Google PageRank Update

Just a quick note for those of you whose palms sweat when your search ranking changes: Google is updating pagerank system-wide (I think) right now. They started earlier this week. So no, you’re not going nuts if you think your ranking has yo-yoed a bit.


Ian Lurie 28 Dec, 2006

SEO Myth Smackdown: Link Trading

Link trading doesn’t work. Trust me.

Drawing graph growing SEO

Ian Lurie 30 Nov, 2006

Google Wigglin

Google appears to be doing an update right now (what they call a ‘data refresh’).
It’s not a full on Google Dance. I call it more of a Google Wiggle. So if you’re one of those folks who watches your rankings obsessively, whimpering every time you slip a spot, the next day or two may be a bit exciting…


Ian Lurie 27 Nov, 2006

Stunt Train SEO Manifesto

Gaping Void, best known for hilarious back-of-business-card cartoons, posted an SEO Manifesto. My favorite points: 2. It’s much easier to plan a website than to retrofit it. Understanding fundamentals makes it much more valuable when you hire a consultant or agency. I can’t tell you how many clients of mine have had to rebuild their… Read More


Ian Lurie 30 Oct, 2006

Google, Link Spam and Good Citizenship

Imnotadoctor writes that Google still seems to reward link spammers. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept, link spammers will build a site and then purchase or otherwise collect thousands of links from other, unrelated web sites, for the sole purpose of improving their search ranking. Google frowns (glowers, actually) on this… Read More


Ian Lurie 23 Aug, 2006

No more WWW woes? Google adds Preferred Domain Tool

Google has added a ‘preferred domain’ tool to Google Webmaster Central. It lets you tell Google whether you’d like all links to your site to include ‘www’ or not. This may seem subtle, but it’s a long-standing problem in search engine optimization. Search engines historically see and as two distinct pages, even though… Read More


Ian Lurie 1 Aug, 2006

Matt Cutts SEO Videos

Matt Cutts, Google engineer and champion of white-hat SEO practitioners everywhere, has a collection of short search engine instructional videos he’s recorded.
In them, he answers lots of SEO questions, like ‘who should I optimize for, the search engines, or my customers?’, and ‘What makes a web site “good” for SEO’.
This is your chance to see it straight from a guy who works at Google. Remember, his opinions aren’t officially those of Google. But his opinions also agree with mine, so hey, he’s got to be in good shape.


Ian Lurie 22 Jun, 2006

Active vs. Passive SEO: Seth Godin

A few changes to Seth Godin’s post about active versus passive SEO.


Ian Lurie 10 May, 2006

Too Much SEO

There’s a great article on Search Engine Watch today titled “Curbing SEO’s Who’ve Gone Wild”. The main point? Too much SEO can get you penalized by search engines. And by your customers. If you’re working to attain that #1 spot in Google’s brain, make sure that you stay #1 in your customer’s brain, too. The… Read More