50 in 50 SEO

Recording and slides from today’s webinar

by Ian Lurie 29 Feb, 2012

If you missed today’s webinar, “SEO: 50 tips in 50 minutes,” you can get the slides here: SEO: 50 tips in 50 minutes View more presentations from Ian Lurie And, if you don’t mind giving us your e-mail address (mwahahahahahahahaha) you can get the entire recording, here: http://webinar.portent.com/webinar-vid-request/ While the Portent team and myself may… Read More

BP Oil Spil Ads SEO

SEO Exam questions: The answers

by Ian Lurie 8 Feb, 2012

When I wrote these exam questions, I have to admit, I didn’t think about publishing the answers. It seemed kind of… wrong. But then I thought about the havoc wreaked if all kids had the teachers’ answer keys (obscure Simpsons reference there). And I smiled in a way that makes my family nervous. So, the… Read More

stupiddropdown SEO

SEO exam questions: A sample

by Ian Lurie 7 Feb, 2012

I’m working on a set of SEO test questions at my company. The objective: Figure out each SEO analyst’s strengths and weaknesses, then tailor training to them. I thought I’d share a few. They’re supposed to start off pretty easy and get more difficult: TRUE or FALSE or BOTH: The ‘nofollow’ attribute is good for… Read More

googleplusyourworldlisting SEO

Google Plus will build your search traffic

by Ian Lurie 2 Feb, 2012

Google Search Plus Your World builds organic search traffic, big-time. Say what you want about the evil-ness of the whole thing. It’s a huge opportunity, and you need to capitalize on it now. The background I’ve been working for several weeks, researching what seems to get your Plus profile showing up in organic search results—also… Read More


3 Easy Local SEO Tactics That Will Raise Your Rankings Today

by Josh Patrice 31 Jan, 2012

Is your business locally owned and operated? Do you only target specific states, cities, or neighborhoods? If so, you’re hopefully working hard on your website and web presence. That’s great! We love local businesses at Portent, and we’d like to help you out. Here are 3 quick and easy steps that you can take to… Read More


Search Ranking Factors 2012 Discussion

by Tom Schmitz 23 Jan, 2012

Search engine results have changed dramatically. Today, which websites get top rankings depend on very different signals than in the past. So much so that what we once considered the whole of SEO is now only a small portion. Here are some of the factors affecting search engine optimization today. On-Site SEO On-site SEO includes… Read More


Before Jumping Into Social Media 2.x, Do SEO 1.0

by Tom Schmitz 16 Jan, 2012

Would you be surprised to learn that I’ve been writing Google Search+ recommendations and how-to guides for Portent clients this week? I plan to share my findings here on the blog, but before I dive into the new stuff I feel that it is important to cover some old ground first. Have you laid a… Read More

tags small SEO

SEO 101: Title tags

by Ian Lurie 9 Dec, 2011

Learning to use Camtasia, so I recorded this quick video. If you’re new to SEO, this is the ‘SEO 101′ look at the title tag, why it matters, and best practices for using it:  

seo-random-encounters1 SEO

Random encounter table for SEO

by Ian Lurie 6 Dec, 2011

(In case you’re wondering, ‘percentile die’ let you roll any number from 1-100.) Feel free to embed this, using this code: By Conversation Marketing Explanation In most role-playing games (think Dungeons & Dragons), there are these things called random encounters. Every now and then, a die roll determines whether you get eaten by a troll,… Read More

cmsofast SEO

A really fast site, and Google don’t care

by Ian Lurie 15 Nov, 2011

I wrote a post, and this time lots of folks taught me good stuff. See the comments after the post for great info I’d totally forgotten on how Google calculates site performance Google, I’m very… disappointed. You may have noticed that Conversation Marketing is a wee bit more speedy now. Last week, a page on… Read More

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