Tom Schmitz 24 Feb, 2011

Smart Internal Linking for SEO

If you charted your website’s internal links does it possess a logical order to it or does it look like a plate of spaghetti? Be careful before you answer. Strip away all the design and page names. Think of your site as dots (pages) and lines (links). Many websites try to link too many pages… Read More


Tom Schmitz 10 Feb, 2011

Include SEO Early & Often in Your Web Projects

Use SEO early & often. Don’t make search engine optimization a discrete step in your project cycle. SEO: Not a Project Milestone Within a project, reaching a milestone means you finished an important and related group of tasks.  Too often businesses isolate SEO as a separate project milestone, usually close to the end. Their project… Read More


Ian Lurie 2 Feb, 2011

10 reasons you’re not an ‘advanced’ SEO

I’m warning everyone: I’m blogging angry. I waited 24 hours. I’m still angry. So here it is. I am @#$)(* sick and tired of people telling me they’re “advanced” SEO’s, sitting on “advanced” SEO panels and speaking at “advanced” SEO conferences after three years of screwing up people’s web sites with a nofollow tag. Here… Read More


Tom Schmitz 6 Jan, 2011

What Social Media Means for SEO

A metamorphosis is under way, one which will fundamentally change organic search engine rankings and search engine optimization. Google and Bing are getting faith in social media and are converting. Perhaps sooner than later, social media will eclipse backlinks as the gold standard for online authority. When Sergey and Brin created Google they invented PageRank,… Read More

crawl budget SEO

Ian Lurie 6 Jan, 2011

How crawl budget works – my latest SEL column

My latest Search Engine Land column just went live. It’s about Crawl Budget and how it may work. Having re-read it, though, I want to make sure I add even more qualification to what I wrote: I talk about crawl budget a lot, but the most important part of this article, really, is ‘making the… Read More


Ian Lurie 2 Dec, 2010

9 step SEO checkup using Google Webmaster Tools – SEL Column

My latest Search Engine Land column is up: 9 Step SEO Checkup Using Google Webmaster Tools. SEO is about actually doing stuff that helps. It’s not about talking about all the stuff you could do. Hopefully, this column will help you find simple, doable stuff you can tweak to improve your search profile. Read: 9… Read More


Portent Staff 1 Dec, 2010

How to Find a Fitting Outreach Style

Outreach is a delicate process with no one-size-fits-all approach. The beginning is truly about trial and error until you find your own stride in effectively communicating with the public. Through some experimental approaches mixed with endless research on “expert” opinions, I have discovered a few guidelines that have helped me garner several high ranking, and… Read More


Ian Lurie 21 Oct, 2010

Duplicate content sin #2: Default page linking

Last week I wrote about duplicate content sin #1 – screwy pagination. Today I’m going to explain a much simpler, but bigger problem: The inconsistent default page link. When I say ‘default page’, I mean whatever page you’d first see if you navigated to a folder on a web site. So the default page for… Read More


Ian Lurie 20 Oct, 2010

SEO Tools I use

Yes, some of the links in this article are affiliate links, I might be evil and biased and out to rip you off, FCC requires me to say this, etc. blah blah. I’ve been rejiggering my SEO toolbox lately: I used to focus on the ‘cool’ stuff – things I thought would impress clients, generate… Read More


Ian Lurie 18 Oct, 2010

SEO 101: Defining the long tail

Just what is the long tail, in SEO? I do lots of writing about SEO and keywords, and I throw all kinds of terms around. But sometimes I suddenly realize I don’t define them. I’m building a glossary for The Fat Free Guide – one of the first terms I’m working on is the long… Read More


Ian Lurie 14 Oct, 2010

Duplicate content sin #1: Pagination

Earlier this week I wrote about why duplicate content sucks in SEO. I’m going to start mixing in tutorials/explanations of common ways folks end up duplicating content on their sites, too. Today’s topic: Pagination. It’s oh-so-easy to generate duplicates with those little 1 2 3 4 >> at the bottom of the page. The setup… Read More


Ian Lurie 14 Oct, 2010

Facebook/Bing deal means the death of SEO

Actually, it doesn’t, but I figured I’d say it before someone else gets all the links. Go back to work. Don’t you have anything better to do?


Ian Lurie 13 Oct, 2010

Sleazy SEO sales tactics (and how to avoid them)

With a few notable exceptions, SEO sales tactics tend to range from merely nauseating to vomit-inducing. I’ve kept a log (seriously) over the last three months, and here are my favorites: The rankings guarantee The ploy: Promise your SEO fu will get your client top-10 or #1 rankings for their keywords. The problem: Why do… Read More


Ian Lurie 11 Oct, 2010

SEO Obviousness: Duplicate content sucks

Saying there’s no longer a duplicate content penalty is a semantic weasel routine that ignores one hard fact: Duplicate content will kill your rankings. I’ve written a lot about canonicalization and the content duplication toilet bowl of death. Those are causes of duplication. Read the two articles I linked to above first if you don’t… Read More

local search tips SEO

Ian Lurie 5 Oct, 2010

I talk local search for Boomertechtalk

Linda Sherman and co. just launched a new blog called Boomertechtalk. The site offers everything from backup advice to marketing tips. Linda interviewed me about local search and posted my semi-coherent ramblings on the blog: If I’m a little incoherent, I’ll note that the previous 48 hours included: Me recovering from King Kamehameha’s Revenge. 2010… Read More

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